Syllabus of Architecture Entrance Exam that You Should Examine Before Appearing

Appearing for NATA is not that easy. One has to be prepared enough to get through the examination. NATA syllabus 2020 is prepared by CoA and it consists of two parts namely-Part A that consists of General Aptitude and Mathematics Test and Part B are a Drawing Test. It is imperative for the aspirants to go through the entire architecture entrance exam syllabus as it helps the students to prepare. It also helps the students not to get confused over what to study and what not to. There will be a total of 62 questions and the duration of the examination is 3 hours. In the first 60 minutes, the candidates have to take Mathematics as well as General Aptitude, and in the last 120 minutes, the candidates have to complete the drawing section. Once the examination is over, through this examination, the candidates are granted admissions to B. Arch. in some of the top-notch architecture institutes across the country. Read more for further details.

NATA/Architecture Entrance Exam Syllabus for General Aptitude

The General Aptitude test measures the perception, imagination, observation as well as creativity and communication. The objects, texture related to architecture and the built environment. Visualizing three-dimension objects from two-dimensional drawing. In this examination, the candidates have to clear the general awareness of national/ international architects and famous architectural creations. There will be mathematical reasoning, sets and relations and so on.

NATA/Architecture Entrance Exam syllabus for Mathematics

It will test a candidate’s level of understanding in Mathematics and given below is a piece of detailed information for the architecture entrance exam syllabus. It includes algebra, logarithms, matrices, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, 3-dimensional coordinate geometry, the theory of calculus, application of calculus, permutation and combination, statistics and probability, and so on.

NATA/Architecture Entrance Exam syllabus for Drawing

NATA 2020 Part B is a drawing test for 2 hours. In this test the sketching and visualization ability of a candidate. As it is a drawing test, there is no well-defined syllabus for it and the candidates can practice for the test from NATA 2020 sample papers to improve their skills and score well in the test. It is important to understand the scale and proportions of objects, geometric composition, conceptualization and a lot more.

NATA/Architecture Entrance Exam preparation tips 2020

Read the instructions provided carefully as there might be some changes in the pattern.
• If you don’t know the answer to a question, then you should jump to the next question without wasting time.
• Attempt the questions first that you find easy to crack.
• You should answer all the questions because there is no negative marking.
• You should attempt the mock tests to check how much have you improved.
• You should be aware of your strengths as well as weaknesses.
• After going through the syllabus once, you need to take more and more mock tests.
• Join a coaching center to strengthen your NATA preparation and crack the examination.
There are many institutes that offer high-quality coaching to make sure that the candidates get selected. Visit the website of the best coaching centers to grab more information. Choose the right coaching center and make an affirmed decision.
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