A Stylish Space: 4 Focal Point Ideas for Your Living Room

There is more to a stylish living room than high-quality furniture and attractive décor. If you want your interior design to sing, you must incorporate attention-grabbing elements that will turn your house into a beautiful home.

Do not settle for a lifeless space. Impress every visitor that walks into your property by checking out these four focal point and lighting decoration ideas for your living room.

  1. A Stylish Gallery Wall

A gallery wall will not only cover up a bare wall, but it is a great tactic for adding personality, texture, and drama into a space. The beauty of a gallery wall is that it will provide plenty of space to hang your favorite photographs, stunning works of art, and customized prints. Plus, you could even mix things up by hanging up a neon light. If your gallery wall has a space theme for instance, then a neon astronaut sign could be the perfect way to brighten up your space. Of course, there are other options to consider too.

For example, you could buy one or more custom city map designs of your favorite locations across the world. Craft & Oak even allows its customers to personalize a map with various colors, layouts, and custom elements. It is a great way to put your stamp on a property, and you could incorporate them into a gallery wall filled with family photographs, framed dried flowers, or movie posters.

  1. An Attractive Pendant Light

A unique pendant light is a great way to grab the attention of your guests. It is impossible to miss a dazzling chandelier or a rustic pendant hanging from the ceiling. Think carefully about the look you are trying to achieve, and then find a lighting fixture to match. For example, a glass ball pendant might be an ideal choice for a contemporary space.

  1. A Statement Mirror

A statement mirror will serve multiple purposes in your living room. In addition to grabbing your visitors’ attention, it can make a room appear larger than its size. For this reason, you should hang it facing a window to make a room appear big and airy, which is bound to impress your guests. However, it is important to note that the mirror style you choose can affect a mood and interior design, so pick an attractive design that matches your desired room theme and atmosphere.

  1. A Potted Indoor Tree

Breathe life into your interior by incorporating a potted tree. It can add a pop of color, texture, and beauty to almost any room within the home. Another big benefit is that it can purify the air, so your living room will feel fresh and clean. Also, you could complement a large potted tree by incorporating smaller plants around the room.

Fantastic indoor trees can include:

  • Bird of Paradise
  • Triangle Ficus
  • European Olive
  • African Fig
  • Dragon Tree
  • Corn Plant
  • Fishtail Palm
  • Rubber Plant

If you are worried, you do not have the time or the patience to care for an indoor tree and plants, there are many fantastic artificial options available.

Adding a focal point into your living room could help you create a breath-taking space, which could make you fall a little more in love with your home.

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