Study Abroad; Hotel Management with JSHM

Studying hotel management abroad can be a memorable experience. It is both culturally enriching and academically challenging. The rise of hospitality sector is a global phenomenon which creates a lot of work opportunity all over the world. When a student enrols for hotel management course in a different country, he/she also gets an opportunity to intern in that part of the world. This international work exposure is invaluable for career growth


Other benefits of International Hospitality study are:

•    Exposure to the glamorous world of International tourism
•    Opportunity to appear in International recruitment forums
•    Knowledge of foreign languages; which is always a benefit in this Industry
•    Network of international friends

One must choose international hotel school with utmost care. It is safer to join hospitality schools with a proven history and an influential Indian connect through its alumni.
Top English medium Hotel colleges across the globe:
•    School of Hotel Management (Cornell University) – USA
•    Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) – Switzerland
•    Hotel school The Hague (Hospitality Business School) – Netherlands
•    Cesar Ritz Colleges, Switzerland
•    Glion Institute of Higher Education – Switzerland
•    Hotelschool The Hague, Netherlands
•    Oxford School of Hospitality Management, UK

Challenges to Study Abroad

Affordability is the most significant challenge for students wanting to study abroad. The Indian currency is weak compared to that of USA and EU. This currency gap makes international education extremely expensive for Indians. Cost of living, travel, medical insurance and winter clothing are hidden expenses which add up to an unaffordable amount to most middle-class Indian families.

The Solution – Study Abroad; Hotel Management with JSHM

Jindal School of Hotel Management (JSHM), Vadodara is offering a simple solution to the high fees of international studies. JSHM provides a unique dual certification program which offers lateral entry to colleges in Switzerland and Europe. The school manages to do this through its accreditations and credit systems. The curriculum of Jindal School of Hotel Management matches with that of most schools in Europe. This allows JSHMites to study the first two years in India and then complete the final year in Europe. By doing so, these students can earn a European degree at one third the cost.

International Transfer options available at JSHM

JSHM is in academic partnership with the Swiss Education Group. The articulation agreement between SEG and JSHM enables an undergraduate from JSHM to gain lateral entry into any of the four programs mentioned below.

•    Bachelor of International Business in Hotel & Tourism Management at César Ritz Colleges, Switzerland
•    Bachelor of Business Administration at Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland
•    Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Design Management at IHTTI, Neuchatel, Switzerland
•    Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management/Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality & Event Management/Bachelor of Arts in Event Management at SHMS, Switzerland

Study Abroad; Hotel Management with JSHM is also applicable if one wants to study outside of the mentioned Swiss colleges. In a scenario when the student chooses to study in a school of their choice, the academic head at JSHM will match the credit score for the international progression into any hotel school in Europe or America.

Quality at JSHM

Jindal School of Hotel Management is the only school in Indian which has a formal association with SEG. The partnership is in existence since 2006 due to stringent quality control at JSHM.

The factors that make JSHM stand out for its quality are :
The star kitchen facilities
Dynamic Curriculum
Activity-based learning
Subjects taught through online simulation
Support of parent company – Jindal Hotel Ltd.(JHL)
Industry connect

Study Abroad; Hotel Management with JSHM is a proven concept. The school has helped numerous students to achieve their dreams of studying Hospitality in Europe. Today,  43% of Jindal School’s alumni are working internationally.

If you are searching for an excellent International college in India, you should visit which offers a unique dual certification program.

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