Strategies and Expert Tips for WBCS Exam Preparation

West Bengal Public Service Commission or the WBPSC is known for conducting an annual examination to recruit candidates for various state-level posts. It is counted among the most challenging exams and demands extensive preparation. However, General, last-minute preparation tips for the WBCS examination can help candidates clear the exam with flying colors. Besides, it’s crucial to get admission at the best WBCS coaching center to access detailed information about the preparation sources, study roadmap, relevant questions, and strategies required for acing the exam.

In this article, we have covered the major tips to help aspirants enhance their preparation and performance for the WBCS exam. So read on.

1.    Create a study schedule that you can follow religiously
WBCS course is quite lengthy. Hence, the individuals need to pay complete attention to all the subjects, be it Prelims or Mains exam. The best way to ensure proper preparation is to devise an extensive WBCS study plan. Ensure to invest equal time in every subject. Give importance to both optional and compulsory papers. Create a proper timetable that you can easily follow in continuity.

2.    Go through the exam pattern and syllabus before starting with the preparation.
The aspirants need to understand the syllabus and exam pattern. WBCS is a competitive exam. Therefore, you need to know the syllabus and examination pattern properly to know about the intricacies, weightage, difficulty level, and distribution of the exam pattern. Plus, it will also help you in picking the right books and study materials for exam preparation.

3.    Master Current Affairs, English, and General Awareness sections
WBCS Exam preparation requires proper planning and preparation. Altogether there are 75 questions in these sections. Though you should prepare other sections as well, these sections carry extra weightage in terms of scores. Hence, the candidates need to keep track of the current affairs of India, West Bengal, and the world. Therefore, review your knowledge regularly through quizzes and mocks. Also, build the habit of reading newspapers daily to keep track of the daily news. It will also help you in improving your writing abilities and vocabulary.

4.    Practice past year papers and mock tests
Competitive or civil services exams like WBCS can’t be cleared without practicing through previous years’ question papers and mock tests daily. It is therefore important to build the habit of practicing sectional mocks atleast two times in three days. Plus, make sure to get admission into a RICE Smart to ensure the best preparation for the exam. Visit the website now for admission details.

5. Take care of your health and revise the course
Don’t skip sleep in the wake of exam preparation. A 7-hour sleep is important to keep yourself fit in the long run. It will help you in keeping your concentration and energy levels high. Eat healthy food to stay energized. Avoid overburdening yourself with a hefty study schedule.

Concluding Word
WBCS Exam can be cleared easily if you follow the tips listed above and build the right preparation strategy. Moreover, you should have complete knowledge of the updated syllabus and exam pattern. Look for additional resources such as mock tests and a booklist to enhance your preparation.

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