Save Energy with the All New 400W Light Fixture

A lot of companies is offering light fixtures for lighting needs in industries, offices, marine area and other hazardous areas. The 400W Light fixture delivers 36,000 lumens to illuminate an area of 18,000 sq. ft. The UL approved and weather proof metal halide fixtures are offered in wall mount, ceiling and pendant versions. It is manufactured using cast aluminum and features cast aluminum dome guard and heat resistant glass dome. Its other features include corrosion resistant, shock, and vibration resistant and long durable.

You can purchase high-quality light fixtures from reputed online stores at affordable rates. You need to check the warranty of the light fixtures so that you can save maintenance charges. You can also seek the help of a trusted electrical contractor for installation needs.
LED Flood Lights 400W
Everyone is turning to LED lights to save energy bills. Many state governments are replacing the existing street lights and office lights with highly efficient LED lights to save up to 70% of the energy. The LED lights are available with centrally controlled systems to switch OFF or dim the lights when no lighting is required and saves electricity. The centralized control also allows detecting the defective lights and facilitates easy replacement.
The solar panels and LED lights are reducing the dependency on water-based or thermal energy. It is inexpensive and solves all of your power needs. Solar power systems are being constructed even on canals to increase electricity generation.
The LED flood lights 400W deliver light output almost similar to 1000 W incandescent light. It can be used for both indoor and commercial lighting needs. It can also be used in logistical and mining applications. Its applications include tunnels, warehouses, gas station, gardens, stadiums, and industries.
It comes with 10 years maintenance free operation. It provides 100% of the light in the intended direction. It comes with high quality optics and reflectors to send the light to the ground.
Selection of the right power supply is vital for efficient working of LED flood lights. The LED flood lights 400W are available in different versions to deliver light efficiency of 100 lm/W and 130 lm/W for your lighting needs. Its available angles are 25, 40, 10, 90 and 60 degrees. Its operating voltage is between 85V and 265 V. Its equal lumen is estimated at 104000 lm.
They are eco-friendly. They are free from mercury, UV or IR. They are available in different colors namely Amber, blue, red, and green. Its lifespan is estimated at 80000 hours. You can choose the right angled frame for the LED flood lights and order from your home or office.
You can contact the professional contractors or state run companies for customized solutions for your needs. It is suggested to read the specifications and your output needs when ordering LED Panels.
It is suggested to get quotes from more than three LED suppliers, compare the quotes and choose the best LEDs after going through the genuine credentials.
It is maintenance free and does not put a dent in your pocket.
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