Rudraksha brings positivity in life

Rudraksha as we all know is a seed of a particular tree which are mainly found in the mountain areas. These trees mainly grow in regions like the southern part of Asia continent and mainly in the foothills of Himalayas. That is why; the main places in which rudraksha seed is available are India, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and parts of Indonesia. Some say that these beads are also found in parts of Nilgiri Hills in South India. The word; rudra’ is a form of Lord Shiva and the meaning of this word is roar. The word ‘aksha’ on the other hand means tear drops. According to Hindu mythology, after many years of meditation (‘tapasya’ according to Hindu religion), when Lord Shiva opened his eyes a tear drop rolled down from his eyes to the ground and a Rudraksha tree was born.
If someone believes in spirituality, then they always get a positive vibe from the rudraksha beads. These beads take one to the path of liberation where one can find solace and peace of heart. In fact, it is believed that, if an individual wears a rudraksha for at least six months then it becomes a part of their body. History says that rudraksha was used by the saints who were on constant move. But later on, it has come down to a belief that that an individual who carries a rudraksha chain is protected from the negative forces around them. It creates energy within oneself to keep calm and fight back any negativity. To buy rudraksha mala online one needs to search for authentic sites which deal with rudraksha beads. Original rudraksha is a must when you are buying it.
Those who choose to wear ek mukhi rudraksha mala will have immense power, confidence, wealth and spiritual enrichment. These beads have an auspicious connection with Lord Shiva and are very powerful. This is the mother of all the other forms of rudraksha beads available. It gives power to a person to concentrate more on their work and focus on their studies and life ahead. It is very good for the students, especially for those who are preparing for their higher studies.
The rudraksha beads can have a single face or they can be multi faced. One has to choose the proper type of rudraksha before buying and wearing it. For that one needs an expert consultation, as choice of wrong type of rudraksha can create disturbance in an individual’s life. The popular belief says that Ek mukhi rudraksha alienates one from his/ her family or near and dear ones. Panch mukhi rudraksha is a safer option. It is for general well being, health and freedom.
For rudraksha mala online shopping one can see the varieties of rudraksha beads available. Each bead has their unique way of benefiting an individual. In fact, every individual is suited for a particular type of rudraksha bead. They cannot go ahead and wear any faced bead they want to wear. This may lead to adverse effects as well. So it is better to know well before wearing one.
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