Review Of Trump Book

Online NewsMedia recently released National Memo which tells us about Donald Trump and his venture into politics in Trump Book. National Memo writes about Pop culture and characters associated with entertaining media. Kleefeld tells us about Donald Trump’s entry into politics which he calls “Trumpism” and how Americans resent the changes taking place around them and would prefer to go back to things as they existed.


What Pop Culture had to say about Trump

Years before the political campaigns started artists and entertainers have used TV shows , satirical books and horror movies and comics to show what a vulgar and authoritarian man Trump is who is going to rule America. With examples from Black Mirror to a Nightmare on Elm Street they have shown what exactly the man can do. When given an opportunity to be the president of United States of America.


The artistic and entertainment communities in the seventh part of the series have been trying to bring to the notice of the Americans that Donald Trump will not be good as a President. Freddy Krueger, who talks rubbish as they say, tells us that we are living through the plot arc of horror, which has become a reality in the political campaign in America today.


Ways Used to Poke Fun at Trump

Donald Trump’s career has been documented by the Mad Magazine as “the dumbest person of 2015.” They have come up with a hilarious poem about Donald Trump sitting on the wall like Humpty Dumpty relating him to the statement about building the Mexican wall. It also pokes fun at Donald Trump’s comb over and of course, how can they leave out the various instances that he has been caught firing people.


It Doesn’t All Start Here

Poking fun at Trump is not something that is completely new. Every time Trump merely steps out into the lime light, it doesn’t take long for him to issue comments that are geared at making him a laughing stock of the people. It is simply his hypocrisy, vanity and humongous ego that make him an easy target for mockery.


Even back in 1992, before he put himself up for being a presidential candidate, there were many times when he was featured in MAD magazine, either for his outrageous, nonfactual remarks or simply because of his inability to reveal the truth about himself. A 1992 feature in the magazine, titled “When Should We Believe..?” had a section on Trump that asked questions about how, when his business was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, did this man move about in full confidence, putting forth a very bombastic persona? This was just another instance that found Trump unready to accept the reality of a situation and continuing to put up a false front for the sake of the public.


Although all of this is in the past, Trump has certainly not ceased to provide writers with ammunition for their attack on him and the release of “Pop Culture Warned Us About Trump” by The National Memo has done an excellent job in catching the varied nuances that make this man the butt of so many jokes.

John Rolling is the best literary critic recommends reading of e-book “Pop Culture Warned Us about Donald Trump”.

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