PTE Exam- Best Coaching Institute, Fees, and Eligibility

If you want to pursue higher study and an attractive career abroad, PTE or Pearson Language Test can be the best option for you. Since PTE evaluates the English language proficiency of a non-native English speaker, one can utilize the PTE score to secure admission into a top foreign university. The computer-based PTE Academic exam is an English Language test with worldwide acceptance. If you want to acquire overseas education or immigrate to an English-speaking country, your score on the PTE exam proves your English Language competency.

That is why PTE study is vital to achieving an attractive score in the 3-hours-long computer-based exam. Since the test evaluates an aspirant’s understanding of native English, the individual needs to have a good command of daily or spoken English. Although you may have mastered the high-level English language, PTE coaching institutes help you to achieve native-level efficiency in the language. So, we share some of the best PTE coaching institutes with their fees and eligibility.

Best PTE Study Coaching Institutes in India

Many willing-to-study-abroad students contact us to get information about top PTE coaching institutes. That is why we sort out the best organizations based on their faculties, prospectus, study material, fees, environment, and success rate.

Also, we make sure that our recommended institutes feature a top rating and good reviews. We also have penned down the fees and eligibility of these institutes. So, if you feel interested, you can check them out.

1. Study Smart

If you want to do PTE study from a reputed organization with experienced faculty, Study Smart can be an apt option for you. The institution offers 32 hours of training, personalized PTE training programs, best study materials, and regular feedback on the performance.

Also, the Cambridge certified tutors offer PTE training in this coaching institute, and they follow the latest PTE curriculum during the training.

Fees- You can avail of all these amenities only at INR 11,500/- (almost). To know the detailed fees structure, you can select the contact us option on their website.

Eligibility- Since anyone above the age of 16 can take the PTE test, you need to have the same eligibility for admitting into Study Smart.

2. GT prep

The PTE coaching institute offers offline and online coaching for PTE, IELTS, GMAT, and TOEFL. Plus, they offer a PTE training program with six months of duration for the willing-to-fly abroad students.

As the organization provides regular mock tests, classes, and brilliant study materials, the success rate of the aspirants increases higher. You can avail of detailed information by clicking contact us on their page.

Fees- GT prep can cost you almost INR 11,607/- for the course.

Eligibility- Anyone age 16+ can enroll in this course.

3. Marvels

It is one of the best PTE coaching institutes that offer a training program with two months of duration. The Chennai-based training organization provides online and offline study programs for PTE, IELTS, SAT, and TOEFL. So, if you aim to crack any of these examinations, you can purchase their study programs.

Marvels keep their charge low so that students with various financial backgrounds can opt for the PTE learning programs. Also, the skilled faculties provide the latest curriculum so that the aspirants can get the ultimate benefits.

Fees- If you enroll yourself in the Marvels’ PTE training program, you need to spend only INR 5,200/-.

Eligibility- If you hit the age milestone of 16 years and want to settle abroad, you can avail yourself of this study program.

Final Thought

Securing an attractive score in the PTE exam requires hard work, patience, and dedication. Plus, our recommended institutes will help you do your PTE study more effectively. Also, the organizations try to offer the best training without charging extra fees to their students.

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