Preparation Guide: 9 pointers to ace the JEE Main Physics 2018

JEE Main entrance exam is the gateway to get admission in the top-ranked Engineering institutes. But here the question arises that how to prepare for the exam and clear it in the first attempt. The JEE Main paper is divided into three sections and questions in the paper will be asked from the three subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. According to the paper analysis among all these three subjects, Physics was the toughest one. So, let’s have a look at how to prepare for the Physics section of JEE Main paper.

9 Pointers to ace the JEE Main Physics 2018

1.    Know the JEE Main Physics syllabus
Knowing syllabus in advance helps students in the better examination preparation because if you know the syllabus then you can easily segregate the topics to easy, difficult and unknown. Knowing all topics in depth may not be possible but knowing most of them will be the best thing.

2.    Set a timetable
Candidates should prepare a timetable and must ensure that they adhere to it. They should finish the syllabus within the stipulated time. As per the chapter difficulty, students must decide for themselves in how many days they will be able to finish it. Before starting new chapter, students must ensure to finish the previous one.

3.    Understand JEE Main Physics examination pattern
For clearing the exam in the first attempt, students must better know the examination pattern. For the better understanding of the examination pattern students are advised to constantly practice the previous year JEE Main paper. The physics section is comprised of 30 questions and for each correct answer, 4 marks will be awarded.

4.    Books to Refer
It is advisable for the students to prepare for the exam from the right kind of books. Students should not use too many reference books. They should prepare through the NCERT class XII books and also go through the study material. The Physics books that should students prefer are as follows:

•    Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
•    Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker
•    Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma

5.    Must to prepare topics
It is advisable for the students to go through the each and every topic of the syllabus. But some of the topics that students must prepare are such as Electrostatics, Magnetics, Physics and measurement, Oscillation and Waves, Electromagnetic Induction and AC, Dual nature of matter and radiation, Modern Physics, Current Electricity, Communication system, Optics, Waves, Gravitation.

6.    Practice Mock Tests
Start practising the previous year question paper is a good place to know what actual exam will be like, types of questions and difficulty levels. The mock test also helps in the time management. Taking the mock test when the actual exam takes place is a part of JEE Main preparation.

7.    Revision
Revision is the best part to know what students have studied so far. During preparation, students will get an idea of what is difficult for them to recall. Revision helps students to know where they are lacking and how they can improve it.

8.    Practice previous year question papers
Solving previous year question papers help students to know their level of preparation. Students can easily estimate that how much time they are taking in solving each question. The more students solve the question the more they will know the areas where they have to work more so that they cannot face any difficulty on the examination day.

9.    Prepare short notes
Students should prepare the short notes a month before the exam as the candidate can quickly go through the important points and easily revise the formula because at the last stage students cannot study the complete book. That’s why short notes help students to fast recall the important points and also helps to save the student’s time.

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