Practice Drills To Improve Your Golf Swing

The most impressive thing that a golfer can do is effectively practice with the goal to improve their game. You need to be the kind of person that goes to the practice area with a plan and your every session needs to have improvement in mind. A lot of golfers go to the driving range wanting to practice, but end up just hitting balls, which can be pretty much summed up as a recreational activity, rather than actual work on your golf skills. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the practice drills that you can put to use in order to improve your golf swing.
Aiming drill
It is common for a golfer who doesn’t practice often to have a problem with lining up correctly. If you manage to have the correct alignment, there will be fewer hooks and slices, and your game will make much more sense. For this drill, you need two golf clubs and a ball. First, place the ball at your feet and take a normal stance. Then, use the second club to place it on the ground so that it is in line with the tips of your shoes. Then take a step back and see whether the club that you have placed on the ground is pointed directly at the target. If not, adjust it, and take your stance again.
This is a good drill for understanding where you need to hit the ball and where you are actually aiming. On time, your eyes and brain will get used to aiming at the target right, and you will learn proper alignment.
Use your body for power
Every golfer that knows his game is well aware that power doesn’t come from the arms, but the body. In order for you to learn how to use your body as the main source of power, you need to put the club behind the ball, and hold your body in dead-stop position. Don’t take a backswing, but try to drag the ball into the air. This may prove to be difficult at first, especially if you are used to using your hands to control how the club moves. But, you’ll soon realize that when you move the club with your body, the way the ball moves will be more consistent. It’s basically a full turn through the ball once you’re on the downswing.
Delay drill
It is a common case for untrained golfers to hit a slice or hook, because their bodies move faster or slower than the actual swing. According to golf professionals at Swingeagle, you should try out the delay drill in order to get your body and the swing synchronized. Start with a normal stance and begin your swing. When you are at the top of the swing, stop, count to three, and then hit the ball. This will enable you to connect your body with the swing so that they move together. It’s also not an easy drill, but if you practice enough, you’ll hit the ball far and straight.
Keep the hands low
If you set the right height for the follow-through, you will manage to shoot lower. Basically, the lower you keep your hands, the lower the ball will fly. There are other ways to accomplish this too, such as picking a stronger club and going for easy swings or moving the ball back in your stance, but the fact remains that they aren’t as reliable and will actually give you more trouble. So, just keep your hands low when you are in the finish, in order for the ball’s flight to be low.
Coin drill
Another good drill is to put a coin on the practice tee and use a pitching wedge. Then just take your regular swing and attempt to hit the coin in the air. The height of the coin’s flight show’s how good your contact with the club face is. Basically, when you practice with something smaller than a golf ball will boost your confidence when you’re actually playing. Try different irons for this drill.
In summation
In order to be a professional golfer, you need to practice every aspect of your swing. Going to the practice area simply to hit balls won’t do. Put your effort into practicing these five drills and in time your swing is bound to improve. While some of them may be difficult at first, they will improve your game in the long run.
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