Popular Grading Tools For Students

Finding Popular grading tools for students that suit all of your needs can be a challenging task. This article focuses on the top Popular grading tools for students that are going to assist you in monitoring performance.

1. Engrade

Engrade is more than just a grade book. With its ability to tailor assessment as well as evaluation categories for the needs of a teacher, plus attendance record and lesson plan, it becomes a great tool. This is a free tool that teachers need to use in organizing and maintaining records.
• It has an ability to create an account for each learner to monitor progress record, retrieve and submit their assignment.
• It has an app that allows teacher to build quizzes as well as flashcards and wikis for students
• It has an option for creating online seating plan, saving teachers comment and keeping track of learning skills.
This is a great software which comes from McGraw-Hill Education, a strong and trusted publication source.
If you purchase an Engrade then, it will come with paid features;
• Rubric Builder
• Database repository that will assist you to store and as well retrieve assignments and lessons
To access Engrade pro, institutions are advised to contact Engrade directly.

2. Thinkwave

This software has been around for many years; it has been streamlined though not much has changed. It is one of a good choice to keep a record of student grades and communicate progress to parents.
• Great ability to distribute and collecting assignments online
• Allows you to get your classes up and running within some minutes of creating the account.
• A series of reporting styles while displaying data
For $49.95 USD, you are going to get the following;
• No advertisement
• Online store that has been reduced to 100 gigabytes
• Digital format for distributing assignments.

3. Schoolology

Parents and students can enroll in this class of schoolology, provided they have an access code. It is easy to navigate as it contains features of Facebook and Twitter.
• It can collect and distribute assignments online.
• It has a built in attendance record
• Lesson plan materials can be uploaded from a variety of sources or links to the web.
• It has a customizable expectation of learning from Canada and the United States
The only limitation with this tool is that a teacher has to wait for students to enroll before he or she start to keep track of the progress.
With a paid enterprise package, you are going to get;
Unlimited storage
Web conferencing and audio video support
Ability to communicate and control another user
For pricing, feel free to call a representative from Schoolology enterprise.

4. Edmodo

Like Schoolology, this version has student interface. Facebook and Twitter are what help students to get engaged. Teachers can connect with each other using this tool. There are paid non-paid apps inside which one can install and start browsing.
The use of this tool is free though there are some purchases that one should make before installment. You can purchase credit after entering credit information. Price varies depending on the publisher.

5. LearnBoost

LearnBoost allows a teacher to set up a classroom in no time. You can set your permission to allow both students and parents to access.
It has integrated some online services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedLn and much more. It is equipped with a seating plan generator, attendance keeper, grade my essay and lesson planner.
Other winning and Popular grading tools for students include;
• Easy grade bro
• Mark Book
• Alma
• Grade keeper
• Ist class software


The above are the popular grading tools for students. They are the top in the world for busy administrators and teachers who want to organize best online grade book. Each institution should consider using one of the tools for effective management of student progress in school.
Sarah Korn likes to read about different ways to achieve herself successfull.

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