Planning On Getting a Yorkie? Here Are Your Options

Do you consider yourself to be a canine lover? If you do, there is a high possibility that you have already considered purchasing this special companion for yourself. However, here are different dogs for different requirements. There are guardian dogs for protection, companion dogs for the lonely, luxury dogs for the elite, and energy-filled dogs for the ones looking for zest in their everyday life. When it comes to getting an energy filled partner, the most popular option would be a Yorkie, obviously.

Known for their petite body shape, big button eyes, and fluffy body, it is easy to get deceived by this innocent looking dog. But, do not get fooled by what you see, because this dog will make sure you are off your feet! Just like many other dogs, this dog is also an example of loyalty and friendship. Looking after them can be a little time consuming, which is why it is important for you to consider a few things before purchasing this fun-loving, energetic dog for yourself.

Although the standard Yorkie is a combination of three core colors: black, blue, and gold/tan, there are many variations of this specific dog breed—all of which have uniquely placed colors on their exterior and have a big heart on the interior.

Here are the different Yorkie breeds you should know about before getting yourself one:

Parti Yorkie
A regular Yorkie is normally a combination of black gold, black tan, tan blue, and blue gold colors on the outside, but parti Yorkies are the ultra blend of these trio colors. This Yorkie breed possesses the same small body but a unique color mixed coat. It has a tan or gold head complemented on a white body with exotically placed black patches all over. Looking from afar, you rest your eyes on a dog that flaunts a gorgeous, silky coat of its three standard colors.

People that consider themselves as “authentic dog lovers” typically argue that parti Yorkies should not be considered purebred Yorkies, for whatever the reasons may be. However, as a dog owner, you should know that your parti Yorkie will be energetic, fun-loving, and healthy just like a normal Yorkie.

Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkshire terrier is the original dog of their breed and is known as the breeding provider for all the other Yorkie hybrids. Yorkshire terriers came into existence when it was bred with the Paisley Terrier and Clydestale Terrier (they are both extinct now). The breeding of these two dogs resulted in the soft tan coat base and the steel-blue highlights that set this dog apart from all the others. Yorkshire terriers originate from a place called Yorkshire in England, hence its name. Yorkshire terriers have been given recognition from the American Kennel Club in 1885 as an “official dog breed.”

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier
Biewer Yorkshire terriers are the closest –in terms of color- to the original Yorkshire terrier. However, when you look closely, the different markings on the puppy’s exterior distinguish it from the original. The original Yorkie has a tan or gold color palette on the upper half while its body has black marks, whereas the Biewer has the standard Yorkie colors artistically placed on with white marks on its body. There were speculations on this dog for being a purebred or not, but after much research, it has been declared as a purebred.

Teacup Yorkie
Yorkie puppies and dogs are already considered as small mammals, but a teacup Yorkie puppy and the dog fall in a category even under. This Yorkie breed is a purebred according to the American Kennel Club, which is why they are allowed to be walked at dog shows. The most a teacup Yorkie can grow is 8 to 9 inches tall and weigh 7 pounds maximum. They can live up from up to 12 to 15 years.

Since this dog is so fragile insight and weight, it has a few health issues such as dental issues, hypoglycemia, liver shunts, patellar luxation, and collapsing trachea. Teacup Yorkies have weak bones, which is why they can be injured very easily. With the right amount care, medical checkups and maintenance, this dog can be as healthy as can ever be!

“Designer” Yorkie
The “designer” Yorkie is 100% a mix breed Yorkie. To get this Yorkie breed, Yorkshire terriers are commonly paired with breeds like Maltese or Chihuahuas to produce Morkies or Chorkies. There is no doubt in saying that this dog breed is yet another beauty to look at, but because it is not a purebred, it does not have a name that would be a variation on the Yorkie name. Unfortunately, this dog does not have much value because of its mixed breed; it is not eligible to participate at dog shows.

In addition, when getting a dog that is not a purebred, it is important to know that the dog can have physical, health and mental issues. It also affects the lifespan of the dog and it does not allow the dog to perform to its highest potential.

Black Yorkie
An overall black colored coat is a rare sight on an energy-filled yorkie. When black Yorkies are born, they have a tan black coat, but as they grow older, the color changes from tan black to blue black. The color of the coat fur begins to change when the yorkie turns 6 months old and the color transformation happens for up to 3 years. Most of the time, these dogs are not purebreds because a yorkie breeding with a Yorkie cannot produce all black fur. There is a high chance that a Yorkie was breeding with another breed to produce this color fur.

These are the most common yorkie breeds that any soon-to-be owner should know about. Despite how it’s been bred, a yorkie is a dog that guarantees non-stop fun and it will add the right amount of zest in your life. Therefore, there is no holding back on getting this fun-loving dog!

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