Parameters to Fulfil to Get a Scholarship in Singapore

Scholarships are the financial aid offered to outstanding students so that they can further their education. Scholarships for international students in Singapore are plenty and offered by various organizations including government agencies, public and private entities, non-profit organizations, and educational institutes.

There are several types of scholarships offered for international students in Singapore. SIM GE scholarship is mainly offered mid-term and full-term. Mid-term scholarships are given to students who have been enrolled in undergraduate courses in Singapore and completed the required number of semesters in the university whereas full-term scholarships are given to students who have yet to begin their undergraduate journey. For mid-term scholarships, the agency that awards the scholarship assesses the student’s pre-university results, as well as the results of the university course, completed thus far. On the other hand, for full-term scholarships, students need to have good pre-university results.

Here you can find the parameters to fulfil to get a scholarship in Singapore:

Applying for a Scholarship

Before applying for a scholarship, it is important to visit the website to understand the terms of the scholarship and the benefits that you can avail of. There are different types of scholarships provided by various organizations that you can apply now for, and the choice of the scholarship application is largely a personal one. Hence, you should give a thought about what you want upon graduation before you proceed.


Application is the first and most important aspect to get a scholarship. Make yourself seem interesting so that they are interested in knowing who you are and how you look like, to call you down for an interview. Without an interview, no scholarship is awarded in Singapore. Here are a few tips for your application to enhance your chance.

Law of Averages

Send your scholarship application to many providers instead of only one, as to increase your chance of succeeding. For scholarships offered by private companies, you will have to apply at individual websites of the companies. Do note that different organizations have different scholarship application deadlines which you need to be aware of. Start timely so that you can grab maximum scholarship opportunity and not miss out on any.

Sell Yourself

When applying for a scholarship, avail every chance you will get to show the organization that you deserve the scholarship. Dig out all the certificates, achievements and accolades, part-time jobs, community service that you have garnered.

Be Concise and Specific

Be as concise and specific as possible in highlighting your achievements. Mention them as it looks more impressive and believable.

Never tell a Lie

Never fabricate something that is not true. The interviewers will ascertain the authenticity of what was mentioned in the application letter/resume by grilling you on your experience.


Mentioning experience or achievements related to the scholarship you are applying for will constitute bonus points for you. This is usually an indicator that you have some sort of passion or interest in the organization that you are applying for a scholarship from.


If you already have all the elements of a successful application, make sure you have submitted all the requested documents. If necessary, use a checklist to help.

Recommendation Letter

Most scholarship applications asked you to submit a recommendation letter. This person need not be high-ranking officially, but he or she has to know you well. This person can be your form teacher in school, your supervisor in your internship organization.

Essay Question 

Most scholarship applications will require you to answer some essay questions about you as well. This is to find out something more about you beyond the details given in your resume. This is also another chance for you to brag about yourself. The questions may broadly depending on what scholarship you are applying for.

The Interview

The interview is the final and most important part of getting a scholarship. Acing interviews is a skill that can be honed and perfected, just like many other skills. Consider the following tips before facing an interview, to enhance the chances to get selected for the scholarships for international students in Singapore.

Dress Smart

It is always important to be well dressed at the time of the interview. If you are not sure about the dress code, pick up the most formal attire. Dressing smart not only creates a good impression, but it also increases your level of confidence as well.

Be Prepared

The interview process is conducted just to find out your capability & maturity, as well as your level of suitability for the organization. Therefore, your answers ought to impress the interviewers in that regard. The best way to go about it is to prepare a write up about yourself that brings out the qualities that you possess.


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