5 Great Venues for Your Event That Aren’t Bars

Whatever kind of event your hosting, you want to make sure your guests are having a great time and that it will be a night to remember. While throwing your party in a private room at one of the city center’s trendiest bars or clubs makes for a good night, it’s not the most interesting choice of venue. If you want to wow your guests and offer them something new when they turn up at your event, consider using one of these five alternative venues for your big night.

1.    Art Galleries

Art galleries are great choices for events because they are usually in a central location in the city, which makes them easy for everyone to get to. They also help to add a touch of culture and sophistication to the evening. They are great for events aimed at creatives, or those looking for a unique location for an elegant evening party. Serve champagne and delicious canapés for some added glamour and luxury.

2.    A Stately Home

Stately homes or other period properties, are fantastic venues for a party and are often popular choices when it comes to weddings. This is probably because a lot of these buildings have a romantic look, especially if they are surrounded by sprawling grounds somewhere in the countryside. However, stately homes are not just perfect for weddings, but can also be ideal for anniversary parties, business events like product launches or charity fundraisers. Even throwing a Halloween event at a manor house could be the perfect location for some spooky fun, especially if you choose a venue with a ghost story attached to it!

3.    Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues like botanical gardens, a park, or even luxury campgrounds are great for summertime events. You can also host a party during the winter months outside if you would like to do so, but this would require extra heating, blankets, and perhaps even yurt style tents to keep guests protected and comfortable from the cold temperatures. Campgrounds are good for events that will go on for an entire weekend as your guests will have access to the accommodation at the venue, making it much easier.

4.    Libraries

Like art galleries, a library is another venue that can offer a bit of culture to your event, and they are perfect for book launches or similar literary events. If there is a big, beautiful, historic library in your city or town, consider hiring a private space in there for your next event. Just make sure your guests don’t spill drinks all over the books!

5.    Aquarium

Aquariums make a great and interesting choice for a venue, and the blue glow from the tanks will create a calming and enchanting atmosphere. Your guests can enjoy some fine wine and cocktails as they marvel at the beautiful sea life that swims by, while never having to set foot offshore. Another great thing about aquariums is that they are great venues for all age groups, so if you’re planning a party for younger children it’s a great option for that, too.

If you want to try something different for your next event, consider hosting it at one of these unique and fun venues.

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