Last Minute Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams

Any competitive exam can be a nerve wrecking experience for the students. Once you are all set and the exam is just a few hours away, it is the most stressful time for you. First thing first, do not panic. You have been preparing for your exam so you need to be fully confident.

Here we are providing a few last minute tips for competitive exams.

  • Manage your stress – competitive exams are all about stress management. Though a little bit of stress is necessary to improve and motivate you to work hard but undue stress can be your biggest enemy. Opt for some magazine subscriptions that can help manage stress.
  • Relaxation is the key – Your mind reaches its maximum ability only when it is relaxed. So you must find your ideal way to loosen up a bit and relax. Listen to music, go for a long walk, hit the gym, or choose your very own way to de-stress.
  • Go through your weak spots – Clearing any exam requires your sincere dedication and practice. When time is less, just reach out for the topics that are not your strength. Go through them attentively.
  • Revise the formulas and short cuts – Quant questions are always important. It is not possible to solve all different kinds of questions at the last minute, so take out your list of formulas and short cuts and go through it sincerely and thoroughly.
  • Brush up your GK and Current Affairs – It is common knowledge that GK and Current Affair awareness is built up through regular study and follow up of newspapers and competitive exam magazines. During the last few hours go through your GK notes and brush up your points.

At last, just remember that an exam is not a life-defining event. When you will look at it with this perception, things will seem easier and fear will be minimized. Remember, success is not always defined by academic achievements but by the positivity you bring into your life.


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