Is Mobile Technology Helping Education System?

When mobile phones were discovered, many argued that this will ruin the peaceful life of people. No one ever thought that this small device could one day prove to be supporting the social issues. With the advent of smart phones and new technologies involved with them, these can be used for solving several issues. Mobile phones can be used to remain aware of the surroundings, keeping oneself safe and also in imparting education. Now days, a person sitting at his home can download several apps and can get knowledge and information of the whole world through his mobile phone.

Where in olden times to hear someone it took months and years, with the help of mobile technology we can be anywhere with anyone. Mobile technology has grown to that extent where each and every thing can be managed through it from sending money to finding a job. It’s the major mode of communication used these days. Such small device has several features imbibed in it; starting from entertainment to magnanimous education. Everyone is talking about how to increase the economy of the nation; the key factors for effectiveness of it may be education. Education plays a vital role in individual life starting from moral values, to being respectable in the society. Though we have improved a lot and an increasing number of people send their children to school for gaining knowledge instead of asking them to do petty jobs for money. Economy is without any doubt improving a lot and it’s happening due to the society and youth contributing a major role to it by spreading awareness among all.

# Apps have made it easier

With the growing technology things are turning out to be simpler with each passing day. In early days when students wanted to clear any competitive exams, after preparing for it they had to go to their teachers and ask for the test exams on a regular basis. Teacher used to manually check the exam and let them know the mistakes. With the advent of educational apps, the competitive exams’ preparations are just an installation away. Students can now get the study material, test preparations and their progress reports through the apps which have been introduced in the education system of the country.

# Lesser cost

These apps have not only made all the study material and education in access to all the students but have also worked in providing these services at a much cheaper cost. The private tuitions, books and study material cost a hefty amount of sum for the parents. However, with the help of these apps, students can access all the necessary things at much lesser costs. This has also made it possible for the middle class and below middle class parents to afford the quality education for their children. In addition, government has taken steps t provide all the study material online by uploading the books on the website for the use of students. Now students don’t even need to buy the books, rather they can easily access them for free from the websites.

# Coaching has become easier

Sending children to coaching institutes is no more than a dream for middle class people. However, with increasing tuition fees at these institutes, it becomes difficult for parents to afford one. Along with the fees of these coaching institutes there is an extra burden of books and other study material with the students which parents have to provide. It is generally portrayed that if you can’t afford to buy competitive books, you lack behind and then there will be no chance you could make up with the syllabus. These hurdles can be easily countered with the availability of online coaching classes which are available through various apps and websites. Online coaching is advantageous and helpful in its own way. Firstly, you don’t have to bear that tuition fee; secondly, you can watch the entire video again if the session is not clear and much more. Life has become much easier with technology.

# Career Guidance to students

Another major breakthrough that has come with the help of mobile technology is the career guidance that is being given to the students. Earlier, students used to rely on their parents or teachers for receiving knowledge of various career options. However, these days, several websites have come up which a student can access through his mobile phone. These websites help the student to understand their career priorities and help them choose an appropriate career option. These also connect the students to the expert career counsellors across the country.

Mobile technology has changed the way people used to think about the education. With the greater penetration of mobiles and internet in the country, there are higher prospects of people getting educated and more aware. Education is just one of the facet which the mobile communication has empowered, there are many other areas which have been strengthened by the mobile technology.

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