How to Make a Zombie Birthday Cake

Do they already have a plan in place for what they’re going to do when the zombie apocalypse comes? If you do, then you can really show them that you love them by making them a zombie birthday cake! What’s a zombie birthday cake, you ask? Read on to find out.

Brain cake

What’s the first thing that you think of when you think of zombies? Most people will likely think of brains.

This is why a great place to start if you want to make a zombie-themed cake is with a brain cake.

The base for your brain cake is a nice rich, red velvet cake so that when you cut into it you get the red color that you would expect. You craft your sponge into a lovely ‘brain’ shape and then decorate it using fondant icing, food coloring and raspberry jam.

Once you have your basic brain you can add whatever zombie embellishments you like, perhaps a zombified hand or even a zombie figure crawling out of the grave.

Graveyard cake

If you don’t like the brain cake idea, or the idea of spending hours carefully creating all of the ridges and shapes of a brain doesn’t appeal to you, then you could take a simpler approach.

Bake (or buy) a chocolate sponge cake, and then use fondant icing to create a graveyard scene on the top of it, complete with grass, gravestone and zombie crawling across the floor.

A nice touch is to use zombie cake stencils to create a pattern on zombified hands around the edge so that the whole cake is zombie themed.

Zombie head and shoulders

If you want to create a cake that looks just like a zombie head and shoulders crawling out of the ground, then you can start by buying a ready-made cake that’s a spherical shape – something like a football cake.

Use this as the basis for your head, chopping off the spare bits of cake to create the features of the face and arms coming out of the ground.

Use cookie crumbs to create the dirt on the ground beneath your zombie, and again trusty fondant icing to color him in and create the shape. Red piping gel makes convincing blood, and you can make great use of sweets to create extra embellishments such as maggots crawling all over him or to create rotting teeth.

Zombie cupcakes

If the idea of creating one huge cake isn’t all that appealing, then another approach is to create zombie cupcakes.

This is a really fun idea because you can get friends and family involved in the decorating.

You could bake chocolate cupcakes and then use fondant icing to create zombie hands reaching up out of the ground. Alternatively, you could create cute (or scary… whichever you prefer) zombie faces on each of the cakes using sweets for the eyes and the teeth. The nice thing about this is that everyone gets their own special design.

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