How to integrate timeless trends into your home décor

It can be tempting to fall for every home decor trend that appears on Pinterest; think shabby chic, reclaimed furniture, chevron walls and Keep Calm prints. Unless you want to redecorate every six months, your time will be better spent developing a timeless and classic theme – particularly if you’re planning to sell or rent your home. Timeless trends are calming, beautiful and make use of the space available in the best possible way. They can include traditional touches alongside modern trends, and also leave room for plenty of personality. It’s not all about beige walls and cream carpets!

Focus on quality
Since fads are generally characterised by low quality items, the easiest way to avoid falling into this trap is to focus on finding high quality items. It might involve spending a little bit more, but if you don’t have to redecorate every few years the investment will be worth it. You can always add pops of personality with lower quality accessories which can easily be switched out if trends change.

Work with neutral shades
Using a neutral palette doesn’t have to be boring. Pure white walls with contrasting black features, or slate grey walls with a brief pop of colour are both neutral and timeless. Keep walls neutral and introduce pops of colour through accessories and art. Pay close attention to the way light works in a room and choose shades which enhance the natural light available.

Make the most of original features
Making the most of your original features is the easiest way to introduce some timeless decor into your home. The biggest mistake people make is to try to hide or conceal original features because they’re afraid to link their decor to a particular era. Even a difficult space such as a conservatory can be saved with the right furniture such as an eye-catching rattan furniture set.

Don’t neglect your outdoor space
Have you ever visited a friend’s home and been blown away by their interior decor, only to head outdoors and be offered a broken plastic lawn chair to take the weight off? Just as with interior decor, your exterior decor should also follow the timeless decor trend. A stylish cane furniture set will complement an outdoor space of any size.

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