How To Get Rid Of Chickenpox

Chickenpox is caused by a virus called the varicella zoster virus. This disease very easily spread through the respiratory tract and contact with secretions.
About 10-14 days after this virus enters the body, the patient starts showing symptoms of chickenpox. Young children often have a mild fever, anorexia, and adults have a high fever, headache, muscle aches, nausea. Then, vesicles appear on face, extremities, and body. Vesicles have a few millimeters in diameter. For severe cases, these vesicles will be larger; or for infected cases, these vesicles will change turbid because of the pus. More chickenpox appears, more dangerous the disease is. However, how to get rid of chickenpox is not difficult if you care on time.
To deal with chickenpox, you can apply some simple folk remedies that make you surprised with their effects.
● Brown Vinegar
Using brown vinegar for baths helps to reduce itching and chickenpox quickly. You should take 1/2 cup of brown vinegar into the bath water, soak in the bath tub for at least 10 minutes a day.
● Yellow dock roots
The yellow dock is used to reduce the itching and to make chickenpox dry, faster scab.
How to get rid of chickenpox with yellow dock roots: Chop 15g of yellow dock root, and then boil to get 2 cups of water. Use this dock water to apply to the skin of chickenpox, or can drink 1/4 cup several times a day.
However, it is noted that the yellow dock leaves are very poisonous so you should use only the roots.
● Honey
The honey contains many nutrients that are good for health and beauty. People with chickenpox use natural honey on damaged skin, and nutrients will absorb into the skin. After that, chicken pox will leave without scars. This remedy is the fastest way to treat chicken pox.
● Lavender oil
Lavender essential oil helps to reduce the itchiness of the chickenpox, prevent the spread of vesicles, bring back a sense of well-being, comfort for your skin.
● Vitamin E oil
Vitamin E oil will help the chickenpox vesicles disappear quickly. Use vitamin E oil to rub throughout the body so that it can absorb into the skin better.
● Baking soda solution
The baking soda solution helps the chicken pox to be not broken down, and prevent developing of new vesicles. Take a solution of baking soda into a glass of water, then apply to the vesicles and the surrounding skin. Repeat this remedy twice to three times per day.
● Bath with chinaberry leaves
It is wrong when people with chickenpox do not bathe. How to get rid of chickenpox as quickly as possible, people use the chinaberry leaves to wash. Bathing with warm water of chinaberry leaves not only reduces itching but also helps to break down quickly chickenpox, which makes the treating progress faster.
For the case of mild chickenpox, you can apply some remedies to get rid of chickenpox from folk ingredients as below:
● Use 16g of bamboo leaves, 12g of mulberry leaves, 10g of reed roots, 6g of mint, 8g of licorice,10g of silky oak. Bring all these ingredients to wash and then cook into the water to drink for one day.
● Prepare 30g of mulberry leaves, 20g of bamboo leaves, 20g of goose grass and 20g of licorice. All these medications are fresh leaves, cleaned. Licorice and goose grass are cut into short pieces. Put all these herbs in a pot, add 1 liter of water. Boil till remaining about 300ml of water. When it is cool, you divide it into 5-7 times to drink a day. Just after 2-3 days, the disease will decrease, new chicken pox will not appear, and the old one is treated. Please note that you should not scratch to avoid breaking the chicken pox and leave scars.
● Prepare 150g of red beans, 150g of black beans, 150g of green beans and 15g dried licorice. When having fever and signs of chickenpox, every day eat the soup cooked from these ingredients, the disease will change well. How to cook the soup: soak beans to clean and remove decayed beans, then cooking with licorice and 1 liter of water, and divide into several parts to eat all day. Eat this soup about a week to recover from chickenpox. This method is also a good cure for shingles.
In severe cases, infants often have a high fever, irritated and thirsty feelings, pink lips, red face, yellowish tongue, and blisters appear in the mouth mucosa. In this case, the following remedies are how to get rid of chickenpox effectively:
● Use 8g of Fructus Forsythia Suspensa, 12g of honeysuckle, 16g of dandelion, 8g of Radix Paeonia Rubra, 12g of Rehmannia Glutinosa and 8g of Gardenia Jasminoides. Cool with water to drink for a day to treat chickenpox. In cases of sore throat patients, add 8g of Pophora Subprosrlata and 4g of Belamcanda Chinensis Lem.
● Prepare kudzu, green beans, indigo leaves, lemon roots, each type 20g, 10g of licorice and three fresh ginger slices. Then cleaning these ingredients and cooking with 500ml water, take 200ml of this water to drink. Should drink every day until cured.
● Prepare 20g of green beans, 20g of floating Enhydra, 12g of lemon roots, 15g of honeysuckle and 15g of Fructus Gardeniae. Firstly, clean these herbs and put into the pot, add 1 liter of water, boil when remaining 200ml, pour out a cup. Secondly, add 600ml of water to the pot and cook till remaining 300ml of water. Then, add the 200 ml of the above water into this pot and continue to cook until remaining 300ml. You divide this 300ml into 2 part to drink in a day.
Depending on your condition, you can apply the suitable remedy suggested for how to get rid of chickenpox at home.
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