How to find the Top CBSE School in Gurgaon

The top CBSE schools in Gurgaon have an experienced team of staff who are involved in working together, pushing themselves and their students to be the best. These schools provide education to thousands of students every year without compromising on the quality.

Education is an asset and we all know that it is the route to growth, development and success. All schools ensure to provide high quality education and improving the academic performance of the students which will be reflected in their examination ranks. Most of schools provide students ample scope for knowledge building but they do not focus on creative development of the students. There are some renowned CBSE schools in Gurgaon that combine the concepts of creative learning with academic learning. When you choose a school for your child, you must make a considered decision, taking into account fee structure, good-quality education environment and a place where your child would be introduced to creative learning.

In today’s era, when there are so many distractions such as Internet, peer knowledge, huge group of friends etc, preparing children for future has become a very heavy responsibility. A child should be kept away from these distractions and should be taught to make smart, enriching choices which will improve their personality and add to becoming a responsible citizen of tomorrow. In India, there are many CBSE schools which provide valuable skills to the children. The schools focus on the education of children and make it interesting for them.

What are CBSE Schools?
The school education in India is categorized in different levels like primary, secondary and senior secondary. Again, there are many boards governing the secondary and senior secondary education system in India. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most popular school boards in India. The board is responsible for preparing the syllabus for secondary and senior secondary levels. It is a standard and recognized board and its syllabus includes the national curriculum as well as additional subjects. The schools which are affiliated by this board and followed its prescribed curriculum are known as the CBSE schools.

CBSE Affiliated Schools in Gurgaon
In India we have good numbers of CBSE schools which are well known for their higher quality education and standard co curricular activities. Some of the best-known and recognized CBSE schools situated in Gurgaon are listed below:

• SCJ World Academy
• The heritage school
• Lotus valley international school
• Suncity world school

SCJ World Academy
All these schools are CBSE affiliated ensuring a better education for all students. Among these schools, World Academy is one of the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon which operates as a day, weekly and full boarding school. The school provides a warm climate where students feel welcomed and the school staff cares for their well being. It promotes learning among the students with an expectation that they will excel.

  • The Heritage school
The heritage school is one of the most reputed and top rated CBSE educational institute in gurgaon. This reputed school offers classes from pre- primary to class XII.  It provides the best and ultra modern infrastructure and healthy environment to all of its students. With good academic classes, this school also provide co- curricular classes to all the students. Extra curricular activities usually include pottery, art and craft, music, singing, handicrafts, textile, designing, carpentry and any other activities as well. It is located sector 52, gurgaon and was established in 2002. .
  • Lotus valley international school
Lotus valley international school is also the top notch and excellent school of gurgaon  which follows CBSE pattern and offers classes from pre- primary to higher. It generally offers well furnished and well- illuminated classrooms. This school provides the excellent academic classes with extra curricular activities also. The list of extracurricular activities in which students take part are as under: art and craft, table tennis, swimming, singing, designing, pottery, carpentry, dancing, volleyball, football and some other activities as well. This reputed school was established in 2010.and located in M- block, south city, gurgaon.
  • Suncity world school
Suncity world school is one the most reputed educational institute in gurgaon. It actually follows CBSE pattern in syllabus and offers classes from pre- primary to class 10th. The main objective of this institute is to boost up morale and under confidence in all of its students. This school is actually best in providing am excellent academic classes and co- curricular classes also. It co- curricular classes include: tennis, volleyball, football, art and craft, music, dance and many more. Suncity world school was established in 2005 and located in sun city, township, sector-54, gurgaon.
All these cbse educational institutes comes under the top ten cbse schools in gurgaon. One can admit their kids in these schools without any issue. These schools take the responsibility of students safety and gives the higher education and good infrastructure to all of them. Usually, the extra curricular activities provided to enhance the qualities and confidence of the children. Parents can search one of the most top rated CBSE schools for their child’s admission.
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