How to Enjoy Paris Like It Was Meant to be Enjoyed

Paris has always been considered one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the whole world, so if you have not paid a visit yet, it is time to take that trip sooner rather than later. Everything, from the timeless architecture and the rich culture to the best-in-the-world fine dining experiences; Paris has it all and much more. However, if you want to truly experience Paris like it was meant to be experienced, and not get lost in all the tourist traps and unnecessary diversions, you will need to see the city both like a local and a traveler. On that note, here are a few important tips for your trip to the City of Lights that will definitely make your visit all the more special.

Take a Walk through the City
It is often said that Paris is best enjoyed by taking long walks through the various arrondissements of the city, and yet, tourists often forget all about it or skip it in favor of covering more area. Enjoying your time in Paris is not about covering as much ground as you possibly can within a short time. It’s all about spending a lot of time walking through some of the city’s most memorable parks, avenues, and cobbled streets. Those that want to see the real life of the Paris dwellers usually take a walk in any of the arrondissements that come after the first eight tourist-filled districts. The 13th district is recommended in particular as it’s vibrant with murals from some of the best local and international street artists. Just in case you would like the option to use something that’s a bit faster than walking, we recommend renting out a bicycle.
Eating in the Streets Paris
It would be ridiculous to write something about enjoying Paris without mentioning any of the local cuisines that have gained the city international fame among foodies all around. However, before you get to enjoy the fine dining experience at the famous five-star restaurants such as Le Meurice or L’Epicure in Le Bristol Hotel, remember that there’s much more to eating in Paris than these super expensive places. Keep your budget for the fine dining reserved for a meal or two for the experience and eat at the local places most of the time. Unless you have tried croissant from a street vendor or steak frites at a small eatery, you have not really enjoyed Paris like you are supposed to. You can also try cooking your own food because the city markets are filled with fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits every single day of the week.
Indulge a Bit in the City’s Open-Mindedness
Paris’s international renown as a romantic and erotic city is well founded, and those that know how to, usually take advantage of the city’s open-minded nature while they are there. Find people who share desires similar to yours on LOveSita, where libertines from all over the world find exactly what they are looking for, right within the walls of Paris.
Visit the Eiffel Tower Just Before Sundown
The Eiffel Tower is, without a doubt, the most famous and populated tourist spot in all of Paris, but that matters very little here because it is the Eiffel Tower that we are talking about and unless you have seen it already, no sane person can come to Paris for the first time and leave without seeing it! However, to enjoy the tower in all its magnificence, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.
• Visit just before sundown to see the lights come on
• If you are going to climb some of the stairs, start on them late to see the sunrise from up top
• Climb at least some of the stairs and cover the rest with the elevators
• Do be careful of pickpockets
Taking the Paris Metro is Not the Best Option
Make no mistake, the metro in Paris is definitely convenient and well maintained, but as a traveler, you will want to take the bus instead because the views are brilliant and not worth skipping for convenience when you are only there for a short time. Cabs, Ubers and rented cars are good options too, but they can get quite costly.
Avoid the Summer
Being one of the most expensive cities in Europe, Paris is always going to be a costly tour, irrespective of the time of the year, but prices soar particularly high to ridiculous heights during the summer and spring months from June to August. It is hard to deny that the weather is quite perfect during these three months or so, but Paris is more economical and much less crowded during the months of fall, namely September and October. In fact, the later months of the year make Paris seem even more beautiful, as the trees change color from green to yellow and orange and even bright red. Anyone who visits Paris during autumn must visit the gorgeous parks of the city (Parc Monceau, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Jardin du Luxembourg, etc.) to fully enjoy the natural splendor of colors.
Be Careful
Although it may not initially seem like something that should be on a guide to enjoying Paris, this tip will start to make more sense once you consider that Paris does have a reputation for being home to a good number of petty criminals. Always practice the following safety tips, especially while going out at night or when you are alone in the city.
• Don’t walk around alone in the city after sundown
• Do not be led into alleyways or shady places by strangers
• While in crowded places such as tourist attractions, metros, and buses, be mindful of your belongings
• Do not carry expensive jewelry or cash around with you
It is impossible to enjoy Paris in all its glory after just one trip and most people who visit the city usually come back for another trip soon after. Each time you come back though, make sure it’s a different time of the year.
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