How to effectively clean car windows? Top tips and techniques

Many new car owners ask: how to clean car window? So cleaning car windows is a chore that most of us would like to avoid. Unfortunately, it is a chore that has to be done. For many people, cleaning windows is not a skill that they have mastered. This text looks at some tips to help you clean car windows effectively, and it also shows you a few tricks to clean precisely.

What do you need to clean car windows?

To clean your car windows effectively, you need a few basic items. You must have a good cleaning detergent (the best ones should have natural ingredients) and water, of course mixed in a sprinkler bottle. Thanks to it, you will delete all water spots and streaks on car windows. It is good to wear rubber gloves for cleaning also. Besides, you should try microfiber glass cleaning cloth. It works much better for cleaning than a regular one. Ok, you have all the necessary things to clean. What’s the next step?

Now you have to follow these tips:

  • How to clean car windows without streaks? Make sure that the windows you are going to clean are cold. On warm windows, the cleaning detergent could evaporate, which guarantees streaks.
  • Start cleaning from the side windows in the car. Open them slightly and clean the part that is hiding in the seal. Then spray the entire window with detergent and clean it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. Then wipe the window with a dry cloth. Do it with other side windows and the rear one.
  • The windshield is definitely the most difficult to clean in a car. A good technique for thoroughly cleaning this part is to apply painters tape in the middle of the window. Thanks to this, you will divide the area to clean. After that, do the same which you did with the other windows.

Often clean your car windows

With good cleaning products, you won’t have to ask anymore about: how to remove water spots from car windows? After reading, you have this knowledge. The windows in your car are there to protect you, your passengers and the property in your car. If it’s not clean and clear, it’s not protecting you properly. Washing the car windows is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make the vehicle look better, but the way you do it can make a big difference to the result.

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