How to Check Voter ID card Application Status?

EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card) or commonly known as Voter ID Card is an essential card which is required to cast vote and participate in election process. It is also considered to be a valid identity proof. In India, every individual who have attained the age of 18 years are eligible to cast their vote. Owning a Voter ID card is important as it is a valid official document. It is considered to be a valid proof of identity for every citizen of the country. Voter ID is accepted at various offices and institutions that ask for a valid form of identification, like insurance companies, online travel companies, gas companies, banks etc. Also as the name suggest, voter ID is an essential document to cast your vote and elect the leader. If you hold a valid voter ID card and your name is present in the electoral roll of your local area, you can cast your vote.

Holding a Voter ID card also allows an individual to register their name in the electoral roll of a state other than any specified state which the individual consider it to be their home. This is especially helpful if a person has migrated from another state and wishes to enrol in the electoral list of his local area / constituency.
Voting is a democratic right of every citizen and as a responsible citizen one should cast their vote and exercise the power given to them. However, in order to exercise this power, you are required to fulfil the eligibility criteria. Once applied, you can also check the status of your Voter ID card application by using the below mentioned method:
Checking Voter ID Card Application Status online using official Website
The government of India started off an online portal i.e. National Voter’s Service Portal in order to ensure an easy access to the election commission for the people of the country. This site also facilitates people to check their voter ID application status.

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to check the status of your application:

Steps 1 – Visit the website of National Voter’s Service portal i.e. or you can also track the status of your application form on respective State CEO Website
Step 2 – Click on “Track Application Status
Step 3 – After this, a page will appear which will ask for your Reference ID. Look for the reference ID on the acknowledgement you have received after you have successfully submitted the Voter ID Application.
Step 4 – Click on Track Status
Step 5 – If your reference ID is correct, the status of your voter ID Application will be displayed on screen.

Checking Voter ID Application Status Via Mobile or SMS

Election commission also provides the option of tracking Voter ID Application Status via SMS. Follow the below mentioned steps to check the status of your Voter ID Application via Mobile or SMS:
Step 1 – Type EPIC space followed by the Voter’s ID Application Number
Step 2 – Send this message to the Electoral office which will send the information about the status of Voter ID Application Step 3 – The number to which this SMS has to be sent varies from one Electoral Office to another.
There is a dedicated toll free number through which one can check the status of their application provided by the Election Commission. The number is 1950 and the instruction will be given both in Hindi as well as English. To get more information like this please visit
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