Asymmetrical Breasts- Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment

The female body structure has its own unique structure and goes through various changes throughout the lifetime. The most obvious change that a woman may not is to her breasts. Sagging breasts is the common problem among women nowadays and the reason differs from post-pregnancy body changes to passing age. Another problem that women face is having asymmetrical breasts. The cosmetic procedure for a breast lift in Dubai has an optimum solution to get rid of it. But let’s talk about this specific condition in females, its possible causes, and treatments.
What Causes Breast Asymmetry?
The asymmetry of thebreast is a condition when each breast has different size, position volume. It is a very common condition that is found in many women nowadays and there are a number of reasons behind it. Impacts of sudden weight loss, trauma or hormonal changes can leave a visible difference in the appearance of breasts.
Women who face this condition often look older than they actually are. Many women complain that they have lost their youthful body structure due to saggy or asymmetrical breasts. You may not know that when a woman is ovulating, the breast tissue can change. Sometimes they become more sensitive and bigger. And during the menstrual cycle, they come back to normal.
A rare cause of asymmetrical breasts is a condition known as juvenile hypertrophy of the breast. In this condition, both breasts grow differently than the other. That is where their surgery for a breast lift in Dubai comes as a rescue. In this procedure, extra skin is removed from the breast area and the muscles are tightened to bring an even symmetry to the breasts.
Diagnosing the Asymmetry of Breasts
Before the breast lift treatment in Dubai, patients usually ask about the reasons of asymmetrical breasts as well as possible diagnostics for this condition. Let us tell you, it is acommon issue to have uneven breasts and there is nothing life-threatening in it. The issue is mainly unusually dissimilarity in density and structure. A breast exam can be done to evaluate this issue internally. The mammograms can usually show if you have asymmetrical breasts. The difference in density of each breast can be divided into four categories.
• Asymmetry: Breasts are evaluated in one projection. If these images are not many reliable and dense structures are not easy to view, so the doctor finds the abnormality and goes for a 3-D screening.
• Global Asymmetry: The findings show that there is more volume in one breast than the other. It usually happens due to certain hormonal changes.
• DevelopingAsymmetry: This type of asymmetry shows a significant change between the past and recent exams in terms of density. These findings are also crucial in terms of raising suspicion of thepresence of malignant cells.
Just be assured that having asymmetrical breasts isn’t any cause for concern, except the irregular increase in the density of breasts.Hereditary and age factors have a great deal behind this condition of breasts. The breast lift surgery in Dubai is best option to help you solve this issue. Right now, this procedure is best to adjust the natural symmetry of breasts to provide anatural shape. Even some women who come for the surgery for breast augmentation in Dubai, they also require the rejuvenation of breast shape too. So, the implants are utilized for a combined procedure of augmentation and mastopexy of breasts. Consul the expert aesthetic surgeon today and find out what are the best options for you.
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