How Should I Travel to My Business Meeting?

Travelling business class needs to be cost-effective but does not need to dispense with luxury. More and more businesses are using chartered private jets to attend international meetings. With private jets, you can save money by considering a private jet card program. With commercial airlines you have the option of travelling by different classes. So, let us explore these different options.

Private Jet Charter or Commercial Airline?

For a faster trip, a lot of time can be saved by taking the private jet option. Designed to climb faster, they can reach the heights to avoid bad weather and its associated delays. Private jets, in addition, offer both privacy and luxury. If you find waiting at airports a drag, then you will be able to checkout at a location away from the crowds and will not have to worry about luggage problems.

In terms of different sized groups and distances that you might need to fly, there are a range of sizes of private jets on offer. These range from a light jet that will have a range of 1,000 to 1,800 miles and fly for 5 hours, to large cabin jets that have a maximum range of over 4,000 miles and allow for a total flight time of over 10 hours. With private jets, larger parties can be transported, and greater distances covered, just as with commercial flights. Although, in addition, smaller planes can be chartered to keep the costs down.

Private Jet Card

A private jet card is an aviation product which enables its holder to use a range of aircraft for fixed agreed hourly rates. These cards are offered by fleet operators and charter brokers. The advantages of a jet card are significant for those who travel often, particularly business owners and their employees. It will mean that you will always have an aircraft available whenever it is that you need it. Moreover, there are possibilities for you to modify the plane according to the needs of the individual and the business.

For more information on private jet cards, click here.

Different Classes of Travel with Commercial Airlines

With most commercial airlines, there are four types of cabin classes: economy, premium economy, business, and first class. That is not to say that anyone is business needs to fly by business class. So, to compare them.

Economy class means that you will travel in the aircraft’s main cabin. It makes up most of the seating on an aircraft and offers few amenities.

Premium economy, on average is 65 percent less in terms of cost than business class. With regards to the extra space you will receive, it generally affords you between 5 and 7 extra inches of leg room, seats that are wider, and additional space to recline. You can expect a food menu that is separate to the lower classes and, in addition, there may also be some enhanced entertainment for you to enjoy.

Business class is above economy and premium economy, offering upgraded amenities in relation to the service you will receive from the cabin crew, and the aircraft’s seating.

First class offers the ultimate luxury in terms of spacious and comfortable seating. Some aircraft will even have private suites where there is access to on-board showers. And, of course, you will receive a first-class service in terms of being waited on.

The above provides the perfect balance of options between ensuring profitability for a business and in considering the welfare of staff. After all, it is these employees who are forming good international relations that are growing a business.

So, if you want to go beyond first class and avoid the known problems at airports why not consider travelling via private jet? Moreover, investing in a private jet card might be all it takes to make some additional savings.

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