A Guide To Finding The Right Property In Marbella, Spain

If you have been holidaying on the Costa Del Sol for many years, Property In Marbella will already be like a second home. You will no doubt have many expat friends, who are already living the dream life in the sun. If the time has come to think about your retirement, or your business allows you to live anywhere, we offer a few tips on finding the best property in Marbella. 

  • Start searching online – The best way to start your quest for the ideal home in the sun is searching for estate agents in Marbella Spain. Once you find a few, you can then start viewing their online listings. During the course of a few weeks, you can create a shortlist of properties that you would like to actually view, then arrange dates to coincide with your short holiday.
  • Do your research regarding foreign property ownership – Prior to making a big financial commitment, you need to research the legalities. For example, if you are British, let’s not forget that the UK is no longer part of the EU. This may affect the laws regarding Brits acquiring Spanish property. Talk to an international lawyer about this and they can show you the best way to proceed.
  • Viewing properties – Hopefully, you can arrange to view all the properties on your shortlist during your short holiday. It might take 5-10 days so book a suitable period in which you can comfortably view all homes that are on your list. Make a connection with Luxury AM estate agents in Estepona and let them do the hard work in finding the best properties in your price range.
  • Making an offer – If you find an idyllic poolside villa that ticks all your boxes, you can make an offer while in Marbella or start the ball rolling when you arrive home, using the Internet. Of course, it all depends on the offer you make and how quickly the seller wants to close a deal. Once your offer is accepted, your lawyer can facilitate the acquisition and you can prepare the money transfer.
  • Buyer’s market – Luckily, it is a buyer’s market at the moment, so do take your time and make best use of your negotiating skills, which might land you a real bargain! There’s no reason to rush into the property purchase. Waiting it out can sometimes be all it takes for the seller to accept your offer.
  • Planning your trip – Of course, you will want to physically view the chosen property prior to making an offer and using the resident real estate agent in Marbella, you can arrange viewings and eventually make a decision. Talk to a financial advisor about taxation, who would be able to advise you accordingly.
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