Getting you Garage Organized


How many times have you been out to your garage looking for something, and how many times have you been left feeling defeated simply because you couldn’t find something? Probably too many times to remember! Well, this all changes now as it is time to get your garage organized. Having a tidy and organized garage allows you to be able to find things you need both quickly and easily.

Where to Start

Start by looking at what you have, what you need, and what you have use for. No doubt, over time, you will have built up a nice collection of stuff, but how much of it do you actually need or want? Keep things that you know will be useful for future use, such as that float switch or strimmer line, but throw out that rusty socket set that you haven’t used in years. Don’t hold on to things that you have no need for or no use for. Keeping unnecessary items will clutter up your space and make it time-consuming to find what you need.


Giving your garage a good declutter is super important. Selling or donating unwanted items once a year will help keep the space usable and functional. In between big decluttering sessions, it is wise to check what you are keeping every 3-4 months, as most likely you will be putting things in the garage perhaps to store, to fix, or to keep for a later date. Either way, you can amass a lot of stuff without realizing it, so keep track of what you need and use.

Focus on Storage

To keep things organized, you need to utilize storage. From small storage bins to multipurpose shelving racks, there are lots of readily available options. It is important you utilize the space you have – no matter how big or small it is. Using a combination of storage systems will allow you to store a whole range of items from chisels to wood saws. Don’t forget to utilize the backs of doors and walls, as doing this will give you valuable floor space.

Keep it Simple

Don’t over complicate your garage; keep it simple and keep everything easily accessible. Keep items you use often and regularly need at the front of your garage as this way, you won’t waste time rooting around at the back of the garage. Don’t stack items too high as this is a recipe for disaster, and don’t block up windows or entry doors as these need to be readily accessible if, for some reason, your garage door breaks or won’t open.

TOP TIP: Instruction Manuals – Quite often, when you are trying to fix or repair something, you need to use the instruction manual. However, more often than not, you can never find the manual you want. So, with this in mind, keep all instruction manuals and guides together for future reference. Keeping them together in a safe place will ensure you can get your hands on the one you need when you need it.

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