Fun Activities to Try Online with Friends

The past few months have seen more and more of us relying on the internet for that much-needed interaction with friends and loved ones. At the same time, many people have had more than enough of doing online activities. So, let’s try to provide you with one or two alternatives of what you can try out instead.

Play Online Games

There are all sorts of online games out there – ranging from the relatively simple and straightforward to those that are a little more complicated. Ultimately, there is certainly a level out there that is just right for you – no matter whether you are a novice gamer or someone who is altogether more advanced. Instead of just the usual PC or PS4 games, you could try out an online escape room as a nice alternative that can really help to pass the time.

Make an Online Book Club

Many people have the ambition to read more books, but far too few of us actually go through with it, instead preferring to spend hours in front of Netflix watching movies or the TV. One of the best ways of giving yourself the motivation to keep reading is to start an online book club of your own. This way, you have a meeting that you attend each and every week, during which you have the opportunity to socialize with the other members. Allow one member each week to choose the book and you will continually have the opportunity to read and enjoy something new.

Go on a Virtual Tour

Even if you are unable to visit special places such as museums and art galleries right now, many of them are offering online tours to make up for this. This is a great way to get some culture from the comfort of your own home. To do it with friends, you could organize for everyone to enjoy the tour at the same time and set up a WhatsApp chat or a video call so you can provide a running commentary on what you are seeing and enjoying along the way.

Do an Online Workout

If there is one thing that all of us need to do more of, it is move our bodies. Online workouts have become a huge and popular phenomenon over recent months. Rather than doing them alone, if you tag in a workout buddy or even a few, this can help to keep your motivation levels high. You can instigate a bit of friendly competition between you and your friends. Also, if you set a time each and every week, you are more likely to stick to it through group pressure.

So, the next time you are feeling bored at home, any one of these activities can prove to give you that burst of fun and much-needed social time. Why not give each one of them a go-to see which is your favorite? You may well find you’ve discovered a fantastic new pastime!

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