All You Need to Know about SuperLotto Plus

Sometimes, it seems like America’s favorite pastime has evolved from the traditional options to taking part in the lottery. This could also be due to the fact that more people are taking part in the lottery, such as the SuperLotto Plus than ever before. While it’s plain to see why folks would take part in the lottery, there are still some people who are not quite sure of all of the details surrounding the SuperLotto Plus. Here, we are going to take a quick look at the information you need to know before taking part in this lottery.
When it comes to lotteries in the United States, there are quite a few for one to choose from, but for those looking to take part in a California lottery game then there’s the SuperLotto Plus, which has garnered much attention over the past few years. While the jackpot starts off at a humble $7 million and keeps rolling until one of the participants in the lottery wins, the main selling point of the SuperLotto Plus is that there’s no cap on the amount of the jackpot. This virtually means that the sky’s the limit for the players who want to take part in the SuperLotto Plus. In the following lines we are going to take a quick look at what the SuperLotto Plus lottery is and how you can play it.

Playing the SuperLotto Plus

Back in 2013, the California Lottery Commission made voted unanimously on some changes to the SuperLotto Plus lottery. This means, that the 30-year payment has now become standard issue for the lottery. The good news of this decision is that now players can continue to win big while playing the SuperLotto Plus. This does not only increase the chances of winning but also brings more thrill to the game.
One of the reasons for the growing popularity of the SuperLotto Plus is its easy playing structure and rules. Those who are just starting with playing the SuperLotto Plus game can go to a SuperLotto Plus retailer. Finding one shouldn’t be a problem since there are over 23,000 authorized retailers of the California lottery, which means you can never be too far away from one.
Furthermore, if you do not wish to make the physical trip to the California lottery retail location you can easily go online to take part in the SuperLotto Plus game.
Gameplay for the SuperLotto Plus game is relatively easy. All participants who wish to take part in the lottery have to choose their five lucky numbers that range from the numbers 1 to 47, including on Mega number from 1 to 27 which will be for the mega jackpot. The selected numbers will be given on the SuperLotto Plus play slip that you will need to keep with you to take part in the draw.
Additionally, players also have the option of selecting random numbers that are generated by a computer via the Quick Pick feature offered by the SuperLotto Plus game. For those who are going to participate in the lottery for the first time, a single play slip can hold five plays with the lucky numbers that you choose and players are allowed to participate with as many play slips as they choose, or have the budget for. Players can also use the Advance Play feature if they wish to play the same numbers at consecutive draws.
When it comes to the Advance Play feature, participants can play up to 2 to 8, 16 or up to 20 consecutive draws by using a single play slip and simply marking the Advance Play box. It should also be noted here that players need to mark their numbers using black or blue ink, and if you do manage to make a mistake, then all you have to do is mark the VOID box and do not erase the numbers.
When it comes to buying the ticket all you have to do is give your play slip to the clerk at the store along with $1 for each of the play slips to get your SuperLotto Plus ticket. The ticket is going to display the numbers that you choose, or in other words, the numbers that you think are going to be the winning numbers. The ticket is going to display the numbers for each play along with the draw date so that you know exactly when to check to see if you got the winning numbers.
It is crucial for participants in the SuperLotto Plus game to always double check the accuracy of the numbers on the ticket and include a signature on the back of the ticket you purchase. A 2nd Chance code is also going to be given on the ticket that you purchase. For every $1 that a participant spends on the SuperLotto Plus game, they will receive a single entry in the SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance draw that’s held weekly. This increases the players chances of winning on a single ticket.
To find out whether you have won or not all you have to do is either search for the winning numbers that are given on the SuperLotto Plus game website you’ve used or you can also scan the barcode of the ticket that you had purchased at the lottery sales outlet.
When Do the Draws Take Place?
Similar to other lottery games that are played in the United States, the SuperLotto Plus game also has two draws where participants can check to see if they got the winning number in their ticket. These draws are normally held twice a week on Saturdays and Wednesdays. It is important here to note that the draw closes at 7:45 pm sharp. This means that those who want to take part in the SuperLotto Plus game need to choose their lucky numbers and purchase their tickets before that time in order to be eligible for that day’s draw for the SuperLotto Plus Game.
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