Five Streaky Free Glass Cleaning Tips

When it comes to clean windows especially if they’re new or a tinted glass, it’s one of those tasks that definitely require experience. You can spray and wipe but you’ll end messing up the finish for good with lots of streaks. Apparently, it doesn’t have to be this way as there’s more to just CLEANING the glass whether is it a coffee table, a mirror or a window; it’s more about the tools and their handling rather than elbow grease. Having right tolls would help you achieve the ultimate goal and get your glass streaky clean. Given below are five tips starting with basics; if you’re diluting the solution, do with something clean!

1. Distilled Water isn’t Just for Drinking!
Most people don’t consider what’s in the water but when cleaning is a concern, inner content does matter. Cleaning with hard water will just blur the glass even more, use distilled water instead if you prefer diluting glass cleaner. Distilled water is lean from all the dirt, debris and impurities that may flow with tap water so using it as a cleaning agent is perfect for shimmering bathroom mirror.

2. Throw Some Vinegar
Your interior may smell bizarre like a broth for sometime but vinegar is all-in-one ingredient that you can’t live without! It won’t just make a nice salad but an excellent cleaner due to presence of citric acid! When running low on usual glass cleaner or simply looking for a cheaper alternative, vinegar work miracles on mirrors and windows.

Take water and vinegar solution 50/50 in amount, spray on desired cleaning glass surface and wipe with a smooth and clean towel or cloth. Spray a nice perfume to ward-off pungent vinegar smell. You’ll see glass cleaning services in Dubai usually utilize vinegar along with other formulas to sparkle glass surface.

3. Less would do it Fine!
A common misperception when cleaning glass; lots of suds and lather would make it spotless but it’s usually the other way around! Foamy solution would make the glass surface more foggy and full of streaks but it won’t be a problem if using vinegar or pure glass cleaner solution, be soap free. Still, there’re times when it comes to clean a real grimy surface, you can use soap but go easy on it! Small amount of soap, a spray of distilled water, vinegar or glass cleaner would remove the filth for good.

4. Say “NO” to Paper Towels
Disposable paper towels are considered an ultimate cleaning object and you probably have a bucket full for window day. Remember, they not only leave streaks but lint too so you’re just adding to the mess. A microfiber cloth, non-abrasive squishy foam and some old yet clean newspaper are best of them all. Wear protective gloves when cleaning with newspaper as ink may get everywhere further dirtying the glass.

5. Buff & Puff
Even if moving precisely, one is sure to make mistakes such as little streak here and some more there! It’s natural if you aren’t professional but not when housemaids in UAE do the job. Simply ask for special glass cleaning and they’ll definitely come with a right solution. If surface end up with a smudge or two, a chamois or microfiber cloth do the job marvellously. In-case you’re without one, a simple, smooth piece of cloth would do fine only if it’s clean and dry.
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