Essential Supplies that Every Care Home Needs

A care home requires a lot of different things to work, including good management, caring staff, and the most important items are the right equipment that will be used to take care of residents to the highest quality. The importance of having the highest quality and efficient medical supplies cannot be understated, both for making it easy for staff to care for residents and for ensuring a resident is as comfortable as possible. Everything from high-risk mattresses to swallowing agents will be necessary and as such, it can become difficult knowing exactly what your care home will need. This article will discuss in more detail the supplies that every care home needs.

Beverage Thickeners to Assist Those with Dysphagia

A lot of the time, as people get older, they begin to find it more difficult to chew and swallow food and drink. It can be incredibly uncomfortable for residents who have these difficulties, and so as a care home, you should try to make them as comfortable as possible. One of the best ways to do this is with a beverage thickener such as those sold by SimplyThick. This makes it much easier for people to swallow, not to mention, a new formula now means that less of the mixture needs to be used and ensures food and drink can be stored once the gel is applied.

Moving and Handling Equipment for Residents with Limited Mobility

The safety of your residents should be at the forefront of everything that you do. Those with limited mobility are more at risk because they are more prone to falls, so you need to ensure you have equipment that can assist with their movement.

There are hoists and mechanical stand aids available in numerous places that help give residents more stability and move them around safely, and the equipment keeps your staff safe as well. In addition, a lot of aids are produced to encourage user participation, meaning that even though residents may be having some help getting up and moving around, they are still prompted to maintain some level of independence. Maintaining independence can be beneficial towards a resident’s mental and emotional well-being.

Toilet and Bathroom Assistance

Feeling safe, secure, and relaxed when bathing and using the toilet is essential for every resident, not just for their actual physical safety but also for ensuring they maintain their dignity and keep up their personal hygiene standards. There is a huge range of specialist toileting and bathing equipment available that can assist residents, including commodes, shower chairs, space and tilt shower chairs, trolleys, in-bed shower systems, and spa options.


It is important to ensure that the equipment in a care home is up to date and of good quality so that carers can do their jobs to the highest possible standard and residents can be kept comfortable. There are a lot of supplies that will be necessary for every care home, but the above is a good place to start.

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