Engineering: An All-Time Preferred Career Option


There’s no doubt that engineering is a highly paid and esteemed profession in all countries including India, but preference for engineering is exceptionally high among all other courses for ages. This is not just because of these two criteria that it is an all-time preferred career option but there is much more to it. According to research, more than 3 million students enroll in B.Tech each year in India, and more than 2.2million pursue M.Tech or other higher education courses.

1. Esteemed profession
Engineering is a very highly esteemed profession, the reason is that it offers more power, technical skills, and knowledge than other degree courses. Although every course has its utility in one or the other field, engineering provides more first-hand practical experience and technical knowledge than other degree courses.

2. Highly-paid profession
According to statistical reports, in the US, a graduate engineer earns an average of $75,000 against experienced engineers’ per annum salary of $1,30,000. While these figures slightly reduce in other countries, including India, engineering is among the list of the most well-paid professions in almost all countries. Although in India, this field has become crowded since after 2001, it is not uncommon that freshly graduated engineering students are earning 30k-50k in India, which is sufficient for maintaining an average lifestyle.

3. Scopes abroad
Engineering is a 4-year degree course that meets the minimum requirement of 3 years of graduate study that is mandatory for admission into most abroad universities. Furthermore, engineering offers better post-study internship and work opportunities abroad, be it at a master’s level or graduate level. Most young graduates, especially in developing countries, urge to settle abroad in search of better opportunities, lifestyle, and payscale. This answers the ‘why’ of engineering being the most preferred career option in India and abroad.

4. Enhances skillset
An engineering degree is better than most other 3-year graduate degree courses when it comes to sharpening the skill set to fit in the competitive job market. Engineering curriculums are built with a robust outlook on post-study work-life and build essential life-skills and professional skills to survive in the cut-throat competition. Engineers have better problem-solving abilities, analytical skills, management skills, leadership quality, creativity, flexibility, and people skills. Engineering graduates are often capable of complex logical thinking and are excellent with numbers and data analysis.

5. Better lifestyle
Because of better pay packages, scopes abroad, and innovative career opportunities, engineering is the most preferred career option among youngsters and parents. With the advent of new technology and innovations in almost all sectors each year, engineers have more offbeat career options to choose from, especially because they are required in all sectors. Subsequently, their pay packages also continue to become higher each year with the provision of a better lifestyle.

Because of these rich fruits of hard work, most school pass outs want to study engineering and build a lavish lifestyle for them and their families. Engineering still strives to be the most preferred career option despite the stretch in the job market. But, situations are more likely to improve in the coming years as new startups, visa policies, and government policies roll in to support the growth of the engineering sector.

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