Embrace Japanese Culture with a Simple Japanese Futon Bed

Japanese Futon Bed

A simple word sums everything up: Zen. Peaceful, simple and pure is all that Japanese culture is about. Thousands of years steeped in traditions influence Japanese, in architecture to interior design and living style to eating. The results are healthy, clean uncluttered living with a strong balance, order, and connection with nature.

Japanese style revolves around a very and healthy lifestyle that is nourished from love for natural beauty. If you never had the chance to visit Japan and see its colors, you can simply understand the lifestyle – it will immediately become endearing and worth replicating in your everyday lives.

May be not for any other reason, but try mimicking the Japanese style of sleeping on a traditional futon bed. This should be able to bring out the well-honed Zen in your lifestyle. Peace and harmony whether through this simple means can change your entire perspective of looking at life and in your homes.

Japanese homes were always small and a single room was utilized for multiple purposes. This was one probable reason for invention of futon mattresses, the other was war. Authentic Japanese futon mattress is handmade with 100% cotton stuffing which not only ensures light weightiness but also provide numerous health benefits.

Our article today will majorly prioritize a Japanese bedroom. We want you to understand and see how you can use a simple futon bed and change the look of your bedroom. After all, a bed is where you spend almost half your life – it has to be worth the purpose of just.

What Are Significant Characteristics of a Japanese Bedroom?
Japanese people are fond of earth tones for decorating their homes. The main thought of a Japanese interior is to not make the room look cramped. Japanese bedroom has minimal accessories with low profile futon beds, shoji screen, Japanese dragon figurine, a bonsai plant, kimono, and beige/sage/ or taupe wall color.

Japanese people do not have harsh lightings in their rooms, but natural lighting is seen significantly. Japanese believe that less is more – they avoid using too many knickknacks and prints. Although Japanese bedroom is more of a place to sleep soundly than to hang out, therefore the major emphasis in the room is on futon mattress.

Japanese lifestyle remains the same and the traditions of a simple home and living as well, the difference is only in time. Now, you have Japanese traditions being adopted by the Americans, futons are being used and made with an eastern -western fusion. Authentic Japanese futons are only handmade and filled with silk or 100% cotton (mostly cotton).

The modern futons however are filled with foam and other material as well. You can even have futon mattress custom made according to your desired measurement. But why is futon so important when it’s not soft and comfortable?

A simple answer to this is: Futons are not only beds for Japanese to sleep on, but they also offer health benefits that have kept Japanese people healthy since centuries. During sleep the recovers and heals from sicknesses, it rejuvenates and leads on for an active day. If you wake up with a bad back, you will have a terrible day – affecting all your activities.

Futons correctly align the body. Sleeping on traditional futon mattress allows proper circulation, keeps the skin free from dust allergies, elevates the body and corrects the posture. Futons are a healthy choice for people suffering from back issues and allergies. And apart from futon bed, since Japanese rooms have a tranquil decorating perfection, here are few other things you can add in your home to take advantage:

• Add elements of nature as traditional Japanese plants, such as bamboo or bonsai.

• Addition of Shoji – a large screen made out of translucent sheet and wood or glass and wood. It acts as a sliding door and allows the natural light to enter in the room.

• A great way to harmonize with nature is through natural wood elements.

• Japanese furniture is generally low to ground and floor cushion generally forgo furniture.

Although you might have not grown up in a surround of Japanese culture, addition of a simple traditional futon bed will make you fall in love with the peaceful design and living aesthetics of Japanese. To achieve the peaceful living style, mimic a clean and simple design.
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