Easy ways to Transform the Look of Your Garden

Tired of your existing garden design? Does it not allow you to make the most of the space available to you? Well fear not as there are some really easy ways to transform the look of your garden. So regardless of whether you like modern or traditional adding one or more of the items detailed below will undoubtedly enhance the space and make it that much more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

General Maintenance
If the garden is looking overgrown and swamped by weeds then it is highly advisable to carry out some simple pruning of shrubs, cutting back overhanging branches and weeding of flower beds. Costing nothing at all you would be amazed at the results that can be achieved with just one mornings work and a little bit of effort. Finally don’t forget to cut the lawn to a suitable height.

Garden Structures If you enjoy outdoor entertaining then the addition of some form of garden structure is a great investment as it will provide a private outdoor space for creating a covered seating area. Some of the more popular type of structures for the garden are gazebos, canopies and pergolas.

Paint or Replace the Fence
The look of a properties divided by a wooden fence can be transformed by simply painting the fence. This not only helps to preserve the timber from decay but will also add a neat backdrop to your newly weeded flower beds and borders. Alternatively if the fence has seen better days it will probably be better to replace it entirely so why not consider splitting the cost of the work with the neighbour to reduce the costs.

Fit Garden Trellis
To add more privacy to the garden or to give support for plants to climb up a great solution is some wooden trellis. Constructed from a lattice work of timber the open sections provide support for plants such as clematis, roses and honeysuckle. Costing very little they are simply screwed or nailed to the top of any existing fence meaning they are quick to install yet really effective.

Create a Focal Point
To help draw the eye to a specific area of the garden the addition of some kind of focal point is an excellent option. In terms of possibilities the list is pretty endless however some of the more common ideas are large feature plants or shrubs, a wooden arch or walkway or a simple garden mirror fitted to a boundary wall.

Enhance the Entrance
To help draw you into the space the addition of metal garden gates is an excellent investment. Manufactured in thousands of designs to suit individual requirements the addition of a gate will not only provide enhanced aesthetic appeal but will also help to provide a better level of security and also prevent small children and pets from straying away from the space.

To conclude, regardless of the current state of your garden there are always improvements that can be made to allow you to maximise the use of the space so regardless of the option you choose from the above or whether you have your own ideas it really does pay to give your garden the attention it deserves.

Author Bio
This article has been contributed by Will Jones from Metal Gates Direct who are a leading UK supplier of high quality gates, fencing and railings for the home and garden.
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