Different Ways of Financing Your Education in Design

Fashion designing is one of the fast-growing industries nowadays and is the best for those who have creative minds. After graduation from the best designing colleges in Delhi, students have a wide variety of substreams to choose from like graphics designing, textiles designing, research, etc. Fashion designing is the most popular career choice amongst students, and banks are also ready to provide education loans to aspirants.

Financing Your Education in Design

Students who want to pursue design courses from the best college, like The Design Village, can apply now for an education loan as nowadays banks provide loans to aspirants because of their increasing career opportunities. The industry is not just limited to some garment designing or graphics designing but covers many aspects like footwear designing, accessories designing, UI/UX Designing, etc. There are many public sector banks and private banks that provide loans for fashion designing courses from the best designing colleges in Delhi.

Are You Eligible?

There are many top designing colleges in Delhi where aspirants can study with an education loan, and one of them is The Design Village institute in Delhi NCR. Students are eligible for an education loan for fashion designing if they fulfill the below requirements:

  • Firstly students have to comply with the terms and conditions of the concerned bank to get an education loan to apply now for Admission to top design colleges. So make sure you read the T&C thoroughly.
  • The bank that can provide an education loan will check your previous academic records along with the reputation of the college to which you are seeking Admission.
  • As per the bank’s terms and conditions, you have to start repayment of the loan once you get the job or after you complete the six months from the course from the best designing college in Delhi completion, whichever is earlier.
  • To get a loan for more than 4.5 lakh, you will need a third-party guarantor and a mortgage of property if the loan is more than 7.5 lakhs. The interest rate will undoubtedly fluctuate from time to time as per RBI guidelines.

Documents Required To Get An Education Loan

Students who want to finance their education in design and apply for a loan must submit the below-listed documents:

  • Application form for loan
  • Proof of entry
  • Passport size photo
  • Address and evidence of age
  • Copy of transcripts in the qualifying examinations
  • Schedule of fees for the design course of top designing colleges 
  • Bank account statement for last six months 
  • Income tax statement of one or more than two years of students or parents.
  • A short statement of your assets and liabilities

Why The Design Village?

The Design Village is counted among the best designing colleges in Delhi that work closely with the industry and professionals to maintain an intense focus on real-world relevance. The college welcomes students who aspire of becoming good designers and it provides undergraduate and postgraduate design courses. Interested ones can check all details and can visit the website to apply now for admission. To meet the expenses, they can also apply for an education loan too.

There are many students who wish to become fashion designers nowadays and want to finance their education in design. Students who want to join the best designing colleges and to meet the expenses may look forward to scholarships or education loans. In order to find the best loan service at the lowest interest rates, the students can visit the website of several banks and check Loan Plan Details. Financing your education is the best way to support your dreams and be successful.

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