Difference Between B.Tech and Polytechnic Engineering Courses

One of the major and obvious differences between these two degrees is that a B.Tech degree is a Bachelor’s degree while a Polytechnic degree is a Diploma program. Apart from that, there are a lot of other differences between these two courses of course in terms of the programs they offer and in terms of the career opportunities they will potentially secure for you in the future.

The Best Polytechnic College and B.Tech college offer the best B.Tech Subjects and facilitate the betterment of the student’s technical knowledge to pave the way for a great future with plenty of career opportunities.

Some of the major differences are mentioned in detail below. Check out the details and visit the website that might provide a better perspective on which kind of college among these two programs would suit you.

Difference between B.Tech Course and Best Polytechnic Course

As previously mentioned, a B.tech College offering the best of B.Tech subjects is a full-time Bachelor’s degree whereas the diploma in engineering is also known as by the Best Polytechnic College, the Polytechnic degree. While the B.tech College degree lasts for a period of 4 years the Polytechnic degree lasts for either 3 or 4 years. The technicality taught for B.Tech has the basic difference from the other as the latter depends on the application of these technicalities more.

The Degree Course and Connection

The course of B.Tech offers B.Tech subjects like Automobile. Optical, Petroleum Engineering, etc. The diploma course on the other hand offers subjects like civil, electrical and fashion, engineering, interior decoration, etc. After the completion of the Polytechnic program, the student can directly take up the B.Tech course from the second year of the latter program. However, the common thing shared by both the courses is the flourishing career prospects that they might offer.

The Entrance exam

While the Polytechnic program is a diploma course it doesn’t require an entrance exam of any sorts. On the other hand, the B.Tech degree being full-time needs the clearance of entrance exams like JEE. With certain mandatory eligibility criteria fulfilled the candidates can appear for the entrance exams for pursuing the B.Tech degree. The subjects that involve the area of excellence for acing the entrance exam include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math. For more information visit the website of the college you wish to pursue either of these degrees in and check out the eligibility criteria and the type of entrance exams to be taken up for admission.


This article has provided the basic difference between the B.Tech and Polytechnic programs in detail. In this way, you will be much assured as to which course will suit your interests and help you fulfill your dreams. With further information regarding the eligibility for admission mentioned, hope his write-up helped you figure out the right choice of course for you.

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