Decorating With Personalized Canvas Art

When my friend asked me for my picture, I had no idea whatsoever, that she wanted to gift me a ‘personalized canvas’ for my birthday! It was probably the most precious gift I have ever received, till date!  A gift I will always treasure. Just in case you are wondering- this picture occupies prime spot in my living room. I guess, that’s exactly what makes such a gift so precious…that it has a direct link with you!

What is Personalized Canvas Art

Personalized canvas art, is any canvas art that has been personalized. By personalized, I mean anything that has a direct connection with you or your personal life. It could be a photo you treasure, a quote you cherish, your favorite color or print; or even your name! If you are wondering, what else can be mounted as personalized canvas art? Well, you could mount ‘quotations you love, songs you cherish, your favorite recipes, poems, maps, art and paintings made by you or family members;’ or simply, anything else you can think of!
Canvas prints have become very popular off-late. This is due to the superior quality images they digitally reproduce on canvas. In many instances, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between canvas prints and hand painted prints. If like me, you also love decorating your home or work space with canvas art- then doing so with a personalized canvas, will be even more fun!

Personalized Canvas Art Products

A variety of personalized canvas art is available in the market today. While personalized canvas art is a popular home décor item, today, it is being adapted to suit a variety of purposes. Canvas art can be personalized for any occasion, from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptism ceremonies, to home interiors.  Personalized canvas art is also a popular gift item on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Graduation Day and other similar ceremonies.
What’s even better is that, these can be adapted to a variety of products. Whether it is prints, photo quilts, wall art, framed canvas prints, table runners, curved glass prints, fleeced photo blankets, pillows and cushions, wall decals, personalized growth charts or desktop plaques –personalized canvas art, is today, a part of it all!
When making personalized canvas art, creators may use a variety of canvas materials. These may range from- polyester canvas, polycotton canvas and cotton canvas- that may be machine stretched or individually hand stretched. These may be of a ‘lite,’ ‘classic’ or ‘premium’ quality and can be framed in ‘slim line’ or ‘deep’ wooden frames.

Decorating with Personalized Canvas Art

Experts suggest -using personalized artwork to brighten up your home! Better Homes and Gardens states in the context of canvas art, that- “Art doesn’t need to match your sofa, and it doesn’t need to be centered above it, either.”  Whether, you are going in for the floral theme or the graphics rule- “Build from a neutral background… to make artwork with different themes work as a cohesive whole. Don’t be afraid to set artwork on the floor — it gives you more space to work with and integrates the art into every level of the room,” it advises.
This article was written by the Meredith Lewis, who trains artists and writers on creativity and also conducts workshops on personalized canvas art.
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