Construction Tips: 3 Materials a Builder will Recommend


In terms of building a house or maintaining one, there are many different materials used. A builder will have their favourites due to their ease to work with and how they will please those they are ultimately working on the house to please. From a construction and use point of view, materials need to be strong. A steel structure would support a wonderful glass view. Floor coverings, such as those provided by online supplier epoxy floor coating in fort collins will please commercial environments and residential householders alike because of their durability and pleasing look. 


When it comes to flooring, epoxy provides all the solutions. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at, hard wearing and durable. This makes it universal in its use. Builders will use it in both commercial and residential properties to satisfy the needs of their occupants.

In garages, mechanics will not fear spilling oil or catching the floor with their welding torch because the epoxy surface is both stain and heat resistant. Warehouse personnel will not worry about dragging heavy objects along the floor as the hard-wearing surface of epoxy can withstand this, too. Insurance companies will marvel at how glossy the floor looks yet be pleased to hear an additive mixed into its top coating takes away its slippiness. Parents will be happy for their children to play on this non-toxic and safe surface. Houseowners will be equally happy that a tired old concrete or wooden floor has been brightened up by the coloured and textured addition of epoxy flooring to a room. Cooking spills are no longer a worry on this wipe-clean surface.

From a builder’s point of view, epoxy is easy to fit, and as with other jobs such as electrics or gas, they will often contact a company anyway who are specialist in fitting epoxy surfaces.

From a business owner’s point of view, the quickness and ease with which epoxy flooring is laid is not going to interrupt their working schedule for too long.


Builders will recommend steel as a house building material because it is strong and durable without being very heavy. Constructions workers will say that it is the superior choice, because although timber is a cheaper building material compared to steel, steel is lighter and much easier to assemble. This makes the material a more cost-effective solution during the building stage of a house.

For an article on the other materials used in house construction, in addition to steel, an article is attached.


Lots of glass will provide a modern look that attracts buyers to a house. It can allow for a panoramic view from inside. The glass can be strengthened for safety. The lack of permeability with glass will make it a reliable material. Aesthetically, anyone suffering from mental health problems will find it less confining. A house developer’s wish will be to make the house desirable to everyone in all kinds of situations. A parent will be able to observe from inside, or out, what young children are doing.

Although glass is a more expensive material than brick or timber, which is slightly lower in cost than brick, its benefits can be enjoyed in terms of feeling closer to nature and experiencing a feeling of freedom that an enclosed brick or timber property with small windows would undoubtedly take away.

To summarise, a house built from steel for rigidity, and glass for its view, with epoxy flooring for durability and its wonderfully colourful and aesthetic appeal, would seem like the perfect solution. It is, after all, a builder’s wish to please those that they are building or renovating a house for. In addition, to satisfy those commercial customers wanting a purpose-built property that serves the needs of their business.

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