Career Scope of M Tech in Nuclear Science and Technology

Nuclear science and technology are one of the robust technology in the world and the importance of nuclear power is quite immense. It has been recognized for a long time but the technology was still in an initial state. As the energy crisis in the world is growing the price of fuel is also increasing. In this situation, nuclear energy presents the most viable method of dealing with the energy crisis. India has also invested heavily in the growth of nuclear power and it is now one of the acknowledged powerhouses of nuclear power in the world.

In recent years more and more nuclear power plants have been set up all over the country and there is the planning of establishing new nuclear power plants to satisfy the rising demand for electricity. According to the situation, there is a very good scope of career and advancement for the young and dynamic scientist in nuclear science and technology. Students and pursue M Tech in nuclear science and technology just after completion of their graduation.

Career Possibilities after M.Tech Nuclear Science and Technology

There is a significant career opportunity in this field and one can look for the below-mentioned job:

  1. You can find a job in nuclear power plants in different capacities depending on your specialization and academic qualification.
  2. After you pursue an M.Tech in nuclear science and technology, you can join the company as a Project Engineer, chemical engineer, design engineer, control and instrumentation engineer, and nuclear or structural engineer.
  3. You can work as a physicist either in nuclear plants or in nuclear research facilities. You can also work as a nuclear weapons engineer.
  4. Another field with interest a lot of people is nuclear waste management.

You can also version academic career will you concentrate on teaching and research in nuclear science and technology.

Salary To Be Expected At The Entry-Level

Since nuclear engineer is a highly specialized job with high academic qualifications, the students can expect a good remuneration even at the entry level. The scope of advancement is also quite huge, especially since more and more funding is provided for nuclear research and atomic power.

Prequalification Necessary to Join The Industry

In order to specialize in nuclear science and technology you need the following qualification:

  1. You should have completed your 12th examination with physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  2. You should go for the entrance examination which is conducted by different public and private institutes and then pursue a graduate degree in nuclear engineering.
  3. Complete 2-year post-graduate courses in nuclear engineering and join the blue clear plant.
  4. You can also pursue a 3-year B.Sc. degree in Physics then complete a post-graduation degree with a specialization in nuclear physics.
  5. You should be also technologically good, innovative, and creative to specialize in this area.

There are some good colleges that offer quality education to the students so that they can flourish in this field. If you are interested, then visit the website of the best colleges and grab all the information.

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