Career Options after an MBA in Media Management

mba in media management


In a day and age where every other person I know is doing an MBA, how could I make sure that I wasn’t about to commit two years and lakhs of rupees to getting just an expensive piece of paper? I went for an MBA in Media Management.

There was something about the Media and Entertainment Industry which always fascinated me. The industry, after all, is the pulse of the people. Media makes and breaks the world, constantly shaping what we know as reality. It constantly keeps you on your toes, adapting dynamically with time. And if all of this isn’t enough to make you heady, I have one word for you – glamour. Basically, the M&E Industry runs the world, and manages to be super cool while they do it. But what exactly do Media and Entertainment Management professionals do?

Media & Entertainment Management space is vast

You can do anything under the sun, from ad sales, planning, buying to core strategy. What sets jobs in this space apart is that you’re not just working on a product; you’re working on a concept. Hence, an ad sales role is not just selling; it’s basically providing ad solutions to clients. It’s where innovation is born, everyday! Do you remember the print ad by a leading coffee brand where they had infused coffee into the ink? That was most likely the brainchild of an ad sales person. It’s not just about making money, it’s about creating value which sets the industry apart.

Ad sales aside, there is also a lot of work MBAs can do on the creative side of media – programing, content strategy and so on. For instance, managing programming for a television channel would involve deciding when to schedule which programme basis a lot of consumer insights coming your way. The programmer in a television channel is hence responsible for ensuring that their network stays relevant with the audience among the innumerable entertainment options available to them. You could also be responsible for programme development – identifying new shows and figuring out how to make them appealing and entertaining to your audience.

An MBA in Media Management also gives you skills relevant to what is perhaps (in my opinion) the most exciting industry today – the OTT industry. I’m talking about all the Netflixes and Prime Videos of the world. The OTT industry is the new must-have in every entertainment network’s portfolio now. Every network- and various non-network-groups in India have all created an OTT offering of their own. There are some 20 OTT platforms operating actively in India today. As fresh MBAs, or aspiring-MBAs today, we have the privilege of having the opportunity to participate in the birth and growth of the OTT industry in India! As a media management professional, you could quite possibly be at the helm of a media revolution!

I realize I’m totally fangirling about media and entertainment management, but it is not without cause. At MICA, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with and learn from some of the most experienced media professionals as well as media veterans, and it has added fuel to my fire. They’ve shared with us the ins and outs of the industry, real life strategy cases and got us thinking in ways we didn’t even know was possible! This course, and everything that came with it, gave me deep insight into the basics of management – people, money and the business itself. But above all, it enabled me to find something that truly excites me.

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