Career Opportunities after MBA

The changing economic ethos has resulted in a competitive graduate job market, particularly in popular fields like Business. This has raised the bar for new graduates to land good jobs with major companies as these are leaders in their respective industries. We all know that a job opportunity with an established, global company at a young age can secure your future as it gives you a chance to work with the best in the industry on important projects.

Earning a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) helps you distinguish you from other applicants and enhance your career opportunities. The career options available to business studies students are vast as they are ready to face the challenges of the corporate world. Here we will take a quick look at the career opportunities available after doing an MBA.

  • Banking and Finance – One of the best-paid professionals in the entire domain, a banker’s life is everyone’s dream and pursuing MBA can surely help you achieve this.  As one of the oldest professions and a worthy career option, for an MBA in Banking and Finance the job in Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Risk Management, Asset Managementand Project Finance management etc. that  really very lucrative. The jobs are also available with banks, securities firms, insurance companies, and various financial organizations.
  • Management Consulting – For those who are interested in the various facets of how a business works, management consulting is certainly the most suitable job profile. A management consultant’s job is simple – to help businesses improve their efficiency and help them to perform better. Management consultants have to deal with nearly all business aspects like HR, Marketing, IT, Finance and more. While the majority of management consultants work for large firms, some of them are self-employed as well.
  • Marketing Managers – Good Marketing Managers are highly sought after in today’s scenario. An MBA in marketing offers you a plethora of jobs in various industries, retail, banking, hospitality, media, information technology (IT) and information technology enabled services (ITES), and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Mostly the job profiles offered include Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Market Research Analyst, Media Planner and Internet Marketing Manager.
  • Entrepreneurship – If you aspire to be your own boss, entrepreneurship is the best possible career path for you. An MBA gives you access to a wide range of core courses and electives specifically designed to equip them with the knowledge to successfully launch your own venture.  This is the reason an increasing number of MBAs are opting for this road as soon as they get out of the business school. Undoubtedly the feeling that comes with being in control of your own destiny by owning and running an enterprise is matchless.

The biggest advantage of being an MBA is that you have access to an array of career opportunities but with no absolute guarantee that your business degree would lend you a heavy pay packet. Ultimately it all depends on how you present yourself, and if you are ready to put in the required effort to grab your dream job.


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