Career in tourism and travel management, Degree in Travel and Tourism Management

Career in tourism and travel management – Things you wanted to know

Tourism and travel is one of the fastest growing industries, providing plenty of job opportunities. Scope of employment in this sector is very bright. So, if you have the passion to explore new places and love interacting with new people, choosing a career in tourism and travel management is the right option. Equip yourself with a management course or diploma in tourism and travel for accelerated career growth.

Tourism and travel management programs provide full knowledge to the students about the working of tourism industry. This course provides necessary business sense about different tourism and travel scenarios to the learners. After the completion of the tourism and travel management program, candidates can even start their own ventures or work with the leading organizations in India as well as abroad. Some of the top institutes offering tourism and travel management courses in India are:
• Thomas Cook- Centre of Learning
• Garden City University
• NSHM Knowledge Campus
• Inspire Academy

What does a tourism and travel course offer?

For leadership and management roles; formal graduation level study is required. However, some positions require additional skill sets in addition to formal certifications. During the course, students learn about managerial skills, efficient communication, problem-solving, and principles and practices of the hospitality and tourism sector. Curriculum of the tourism and travel courses may differ from institute to institute but the major areas covered during the course are:
• Tourism concepts and impacts
• Fundamentals of computer
• Tourism Marketing and Transport Management
• International Tourism
• Accounting and Finance Management
• Tourism Planning, Policy and Development
• Tourism Economics
• IT for Tourism
• Business Communication and Personality Development
• Air Fare and Ticketing
• Air Cargo Operations and Management

Internships, projects, seminars, practical exercises and training are also important part of the travel and tourism curriculum.

Career options
A career in tourism and travel management will throw up huge opportunities and the best bit is you will get to plan holiday itineraries for the avid travelers and contribute towards creating memorable lifetime experiences for them. Individuals working in tourism and travel sector must have strong organizational skills to organize trips, schedules, accommodation and services, love and appreciation for travel, strong coordination and enjoy working with people.

The degree levels differ depending on your career choice but all the job profiles require a certain set of skills and multitasking as well as aptitude for customer service. After all, career in tourism and travel is all about providing the friendly, efficient and attentive customer services to the customers. A degree in tourism and travel management makes the students qualified and eligible to work in travel agencies, hotels, airlines, banks and other hospitality intensive industry sectors. Working in hotels, resorts, adventurous sports centers, cruise ship and airlines are some of the options available for pursuing successful career in tourism and travel management. One can also work as a tourist guide, travel agent, travel writer or as a flight attendant.

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