Best Cancer Insurance Policy In India

Have you thought about buying cancer insurance? Do you think your health insurance is enough to protect you? Gone are the days when a good family floater health insurance is enough to protect your medical expenditures.

But now a day, there are special health insurance policies are coming which is designed to deal with the high cost treatment like cancer, kidney disease or many other critical illness. You might have heard about critical illness cover as well, but in this article we will discuss about cancer insurance policies.

What is a Cancer Insurance?
To define cancer, one can say that is a dreadful disease and forces the body to unregulated cell growth and division. Many types of cancers have been discovered. There are nearly 200 types of cancers. The most prominent ones are the lung cancer and the breast cancer for men and women respectively.

The disease has been increasing throughout the world at an increasing rate. In fact, it is one of the most common ways leading to the death of a person and it is on the verge of becoming the most prominent one for causing deaths. The similar wave prevails in India and cancer is increasing here as well.

So, to help you to deal with the treatment cost and various other medical expenses related to cancer, this kind of insurance policies launched.

Why You Need Cancer Insurance
The cure for cancer is very expensive for most people and it includes diagnosis, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery. The family of the patient is financially challenged and at the end drained out of the financial resources if treatment is being done on full flow.

And further, the fact against you is that you cannot buy insurance if you are in a pre existing condition of that disease. This makes it very difficult to get insurance for the already existing patients and making a financial recovery is on hell of a job. The insurance cover for a patient is very important for him to treat the disease out of him. A critical insurance policy means not meeting the requirements of the health of that person and decreasing the chances of survival with the increase in expenditure for the cure. The provision of normal health care system is not very common and most providers want to make out profit from their customers.

Cancer insurance policies to look for in India
The people have to be aware of the cancer specialist insurance policies that are available to them especially for such situations. But, the similar condition applies here that is there should be no pre-existing disease in the customer before getting the policy. But, once you get the policy, you have little tensions to take.

Let’s explore few of the cancer insurance policies launched by few of the best insurance companies in India, which you can start exploring in case you are looking for the same.

ICICI Pru cancer protect – This policy covers you from the beginning of the whole checkup that includes the free screening, expense on chemotherapy, targeted therapy, PET-CT scans, medication and hospitalization and all other expenses. The eligibility is for the age group between 18 to 65 years and the minimum sum assured is Rs. 5 lacs ranging to the maximum of Rs. 23 lacs. HDFC Life cancer care – This policy consists of 3 types of plans that are silver, gold and platinum. This policy also covers all the checkups and lasts until the recovery. The minimum and maximum sums assured are 10 and 40 lacs respectively. You can choose between the plans according to your needs and this covers most needful people.

AEGON Religare iCancer Insurance – This plan also covers all costs of any type of cancer. The payouts are designed in such a way that the policy holders are benefitted at every stage of the disease. This plan covers all cancers at different stages as well. Max Bupa – The basic premium from this company starts from Rs. 8500 that covers 10 lacs. It helps you cover each and every expense from the different stages of the disease.

Bharti Axa Cancer Insurance – It covers the expenses from the disease at various stages in various forms. You can cover up to Rs. 5 lacs from this policy.

Make sure you are reading the policy documents carefully and try to understand how to avail the benefits in case you really need in future.

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