Best 5 Countries to Study Abroad After 12th for Indian Students

Studying abroad has always been a great investment in future and is considered a great way to start a successful global career. When planning to study abroad, there are a number of things that we should be aware of. The best way to properly prepare for your study abroad is to find a right career counsellor and education consultant.

Some of the important aspects to understand studying abroad are:

• Find the right country and university that match your career needs
• Find out about the finances needed
• Arrange for all your necessary documents
• Get an insurance that covers your medical needs in the country you shall study in
• Plan your priorities and get an overview of the emergency services in the country
• Learn about the local practices and believes

Some of the popular countries for higher studies among the Indian students after 12th are:

1. Australia
Australia is a land of opportunities and diversities. Every year, a large number of international students aspire to study abroad in Australia. With increasing enrolment every year, the country has grown its position world-wide. Higher education institutes in Australia believe in practical and career-oriented training. The research and development facilities are of top class. The tuition and accommodation costs are affordable and a large number of scholarships are offered to deserving and exemplary international students. The country has very favourable study work rights. Students can work up to 40 hours in a fortnight during semester and full-time during vacations. Eligible students who complete their course in the country need to apply for a Post-Study Work Visa (PSW) to stay and work in Australia.

2. United Kingdom
International reputation and legacy make the UK a leading choice among the international students. To study in UK, International students should apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa. You can pursue a Pathway program, undergraduate program or master’s program in THE UK. It can be one of the most expensive countries to live and study in, hence lots of future planning is needed when applying for a course. The country offers shorter duration programs compared to the US or Australia and cuts close to what you might spend in those countries. Students can work up to 20 hours per week during their sessions and full-time during holidays. A large number of scholarships and other financial aids are offered to international students by government and other organisations.

3. United States of America
USA has long dominated the world’s top university listings. A large number of courses and flexibility offered in the programs make USA a popular educational destination among the international students. A student needs a F1 Visa to study in USA. A large number of public, and private organisations offer scholarships to international students in the USA. The universities also allocate scholarships. The tuition and living expenses in the country are quite reasonable. Individuals with F1 visa are allowed to work during studies and after graduation but U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) clearance is needed for off-campus employment.

4. Canada
Universities in Canada are highly recognised and valued internationally. One of the safest countries in the world, Canada offers a plethora of career courses to international students. Students planning to study in Canada are offered a “Study Permit”. Meritorious students can apply for scholarships. Tuition fees and living costs in the country are lower than other such developed countries. International students are allowed part-time jobs during semester and full-time jobs during vacations.

5. Singapore
In recent years, students have displayed increased interest to study abroad in Singapore. Universities in Singapore work in collaboration with leading institutions across the world and offer exchange programs with them. Scholarships are offered to brilliant students with excellent extracurricular activities. Students can work only if approved by the Ministry of Manpower. Part-time work is allowed during the term and full-time during vacations.

When deciding where and what to study, the student can meet expert education counsellor and ask for their advice and assistance. The consultants will help you prepare for required exams, visa application process, and guide you through each step. Planet Education is one of the top Australian Education Consultants in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh that you can approach.

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