5 Job Sectors in the Middle East that You Can Apply to

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Looking for a job in the Middle East? What industries are you looking at? Do you want to get hired fast?
Then there’s good news for you.
With the help of one of the world’s top recruitment agencies, you can easily find work in the job sectors listed below. You only need to read on and find out if your qualifications are the right fit for the industries that are mentioned and get on with your application.
Look with the Right People
If you really want to secure your dream job, you have to be smart and strategic about it. The best way to go is to enlist the help of a trusted recruitment agency that will put your best interests at heart and match you with the job that will train a spotlight on your strengths and connect you with a company that can help you thrive and grow.
An expert recruitment consulting organization can help you in a variety of ways. Seeking their aid in your job-hunting efforts will significantly cut down on the time and resources that you need to be able to secure the job that you like.
Here are some of the salient reasons why you should consider getting a recruitment consultant to help you scout for your next job:
They will put effort in getting to know you. To increase their chances in matching you with the right job, they will make an effort to meet you in person or through teleconferencing so they will have a better knowledge of who you are and what you can offer.
They are honest. If, by any chance, they have determined that they cannot assist you, they will still offer advice and suggest alternative consultancies to help you on your way to finding a job.
They are transparent. You will be given a full overview of the roles that you are being put forward for. This ensures that you will not go in blindly into a job and gives you enough time to familiarize yourself with the nature of work that you are being fielded into.
They keep you updated. A responsible recruitment firm will keep in touch and apprise you of the latest available positions or new insights into the market that are relevant to you.
They maintain long-term relationships. The getting-to-know-you part is not done only at the beginning of your relationship with the recruitment consultants. It will be continually nurtured so they are kept abreast with your developments and find you the right job when you need it.
They are confident. With years of experience, they have developed an expertise that is head and shoulders with the top recruitment consultants in the world. You can be sure that with their considerable sector know-how and skills, matched with their in-depth knowledge of the local business landscape, you will get the best results in finding the right company.
Look in the Right Place
When you are looking to apply for the latest jobs in Dubai and the Middle East, you have to know where to look. It is not enough that you just simply cast your net in the wide seas and cross your fingers that you’ll catch a big fish.
One of the best recruitment firms in the world and one of the first to establish its roots in the MENA region can certainly help you find the right company to work in and transform your career.
Here are some of the job sectors that are currently looking for stellar candidates:
1. Accounting and Finance
The accounting and finance world are currently on the lookout for high-caliber candidates that have the abilities to thrive in various roles from the junior accounting level to the COO and CFO tiers.
Some of the essential posts that recruitment agencies usually look for are Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Financial Planning and Analysis Managers, and Chief Auditor, among others.
2. Banking and Finance
If you have the talent for juggling numbers, then you may want to explore the possibilities in the banking and finance sector. You can consult with highly specialized consultants in areas such as:
Corporate and investment banking
Global markets and treasury
Private banking and asset management
3. Fashion, Retail and Hospitality
The Middle East is currently enjoying unprecedented growth as shopaholics, luxury lovers, and jetsetters are flocking to this global city for its wealth of options in terms of fun and relaxation.
If you have the golden touch and thrive in dynamic environments where you can be involved in retail operations, buying and merchandising, design, and other mid to senior level roles in diverse industries, then you are in for the career ride of your life.
From luxury fashion to consumer electronics, you can definitely sashay your way to a promising career with the help of knowledgeable recruitment consultants.
4. Marketing
If your strength lies in the creative arts and communication, you can also benefit from the industry experience and expertise of recruitment specialists who can direct you to companies looking for highly-qualified individuals who can work well in fields like:
• Market research
• Brand management
• Public relations
• Customer relationship management (CRM)
• Digital or e-marketing and other such related areas.
5. Private Equity and Family Office
International investments are pouring in from regions near and far. Because of these economic drivers, local business and family-owned corporations in the Middle East are open to expanding their organizations and are looking for outstanding candidates to fill positions in asset management, business development, investor relations, and corporate finance, to name a few.
Find the Right Fit
With the help of a brilliant team of recruitment experts, you can certainly find your way to a career path that is right for you. Their industry-specific experience and awareness of the different working environments in various sectors give these recruitment consultants the edge in leading you towards the right direction.
There is no time to waste when you want to chase your dreams and turn them into reality. Explore the possibilities with the right people as your guides and you will find the right path that will pull you to greater heights. Success is waiting. Chart your own path now.
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