Benefits of Considering Best Cambridge International School in Pune

For a parent looking to find out the best school for their child, there are numerous options available. While there are a lot of good international and national schools to choose from, a cardinal decision that a parent has to make is about choosing the board or curriculum. Some of the common boards to choose from are ICSE, CBSE, international boards and IGCSE. As a parent, this is really important to known the benefits about their chosen curriculum. Among these curriculums, Cambridge IGCSE is one of the most sought-after international qualifications focusing on the overall development and growth of the students.

And, when it comes to choosing the best Cambridge international school Pune, several options are available like Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence. This curriculum develops the best skills in students which they need for life to become successful.

Benefits of choosing the Cambridge International School curriculum

Cambridge curriculum is highly popular in India imparting the best education and skills in the aspirants, and has advantage over other boards. If you are still trying to make up your mind to choose the IGCSE School, here are the key advantages associated with it:

1. Offers a range of choices: The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum offers 70 subject electives in around 20 languages. Each Cambridge affiliated school offers a distinct combination giving you more scope.

2. Recognition by the international universities: The IGCSE curriculum is passport to the best international universities around the world. If you are planning your kid to study abroad for higher education, considering Cambridge international School Pune is the best option. This curriculum equips students with the best skills to tackle the challenges in the academics in universities abroad. Several of the IGCSE students from Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence have gone on to secure their admissions in the foreign universities.

3. Recognition by the international employers: Employers of the top companies across the world understand and value IGCSE curriculum and the skills it develops in the aspirants.

4. Learner-centric approach:  The IGCSE places the learners at the center of curriculum and the teaching and learning practices are designed to optimize the learning. Apart from this, the individual needs are given higher priority.

5. Inquiry-based learning: The IGCSE curriculum ensures learning through explorations and real-life connections. The learning is inquiry based encouraging students to investigate issues and develop their own questions or queries and then further analysis to go ahead in their learning.

6. A global community:  One of the most compelling reasons to consider the best Cambridge international school in Pune is that students and faculty are the part of global network. They share their experiences with each other to take learning to the next level.

7. Rigorous assessment:  The Cambridge assessments are one of the most reliable assessments of the world. These assessments are fair as well as flexible. The whole assessment system focuses on enduring the conceptual learning and promotes the thinking skills of the students.

The Cambridge curriculum has an upper-edge over all other curriculum and it is better to consider one of the best international schools in Pune following this curriculum.

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