Barber DTS NL – What is flash art tattoo?

The first and the hardest decision when getting a tattoo is picking the image that you want to have tattooed on you because as you know you want it to be a good representation of your personality and not just some thought up sketch without any solid evidence of planning.

There are millions of different images that you can choose from and the choice that you make can obviously effect you for the rest of your life. Just remember to take your time and look for as many designs as you can that you like and that are similar.

Remember the ordeal that you go through if you don’t like it, it will be twice as bad and twice as costly on the other side when you get it removed.

So flash art then, if you go to a tattoo studio you will find there is a number of pre drawn tattoo images. These are what are referred to as flash art, you can often find them posted on the walls or in catalogues where you browse for your design.

It is often drawn onto a piece of white paper or a sturdy cardboard and are industrial designs specially made for the use on the body, which means that they are just an outline or stencil, this is so that they can quickly and easily be done without having to be coloured in later.

However the flash tattoos today are not all as smooth as you think, for example think about if you asked for a stencil of a logo or brand name sound silly I know but you have to think about all of the copyright rules and regulations that come with this. These arise especially when dealing with the internet where you can be shown and offered free flash art pieces. Some that are taken from books or maybe even films etc. are even trademarked which is ten times worse that copyright laws. If this happens the supplier can be sued at any given time.

So bear in mind that if you are on the internet looking for flash art tattoos for yourself to download and take to a tattooist make sure that you are purposely checking that the images you are getting are all legal present and correct otherwise you won’t have a nice tattoo because you will have had to pay the fine with the money you had set aside. 
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