All you need to know about basement water proofing

When you are creating a building structure, you have to face a lot of different challenges and problems. While the problems may seem trivial, they can have major repercussions if they are not handled correctly. Referring to the buildings and structures, you have to be particularly sure about the safety of internal areas such as the basements and make sure that they are kept free of moisture or water. If there is an accumulation of water in the basement and the waterproofing is not up to the mark, you could end up harming the structure and making the foundation of the building weak.

There is an extensive process for basement waterproofing which should be followed without any diversions or disputes. The process of waterproofing the basement space has to start right from the time when the walls are built. It must be ensured that a sheer wall, made of concrete is built in the basement region. A brick wall is more susceptible to absorbing moisture and making the structure weak. It is also important to make sure that a waterproofing agent is added to the concrete mix to make it stronger and much more resilient to moisture.

After having built the wall with the use of construction chemicals, the next step should be to cover the floor and half the wall height with a waterproof membrane that is held down with a layer of plaster and wall and floor tiles. It is important to cover the walls of a basement with tiles so that any water or moisture that gets accumulated in the area does not seep into the walls and cause trouble. In the process of waterproofing it is also essential to make sure that a good quality of grout is used for the filling. The use of waterproof grout ensures a better security from moisture and pests.

The process of basement waterproofing is a lengthy one and it requires skill and expertise in completing the task. However, once the process is completed you can be sure of a safe and a strong structure. If the legs of the building are strong, you can be sure of the fact that it can keep standing for a longer period of time. If the waterproofing process goes wrong even a strong and beautifully built structure can become weak and dangerous for the users.

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