Affordable Accommodation for Students in Mumbai

Finding a comfortable accommodation for students in Mumbai is a real challenge for individuals. The convenience and comfort of the living place play a crucial role and a huge impact on the students’ overall experience and academic performance. The living space should give a homely feel – a peaceful area that offers you the benefit of studying, resting, and making lifelong memories and friends.

Listed below are some affordable and cheap accommodation for students in Mumbai that you can consider for a comfortable stay:

  1. Rooms and dormitory facilities provided for students by the university
    They are the best option for students who relocate to Mumbai for their studies. University accommodation is ideal in terms of safety, security, food, lodging, and other perks. The best part is that you’ll have to spend less time and money travelling to and from your institute. Moreover, they include all the facilities that students may need for a comfortable stay on the premises. 

Pupils can either apply for accommodation during the time of their admission or later whenever they feel comfortable. Also, the student hostel in Mumbai provided by the university is comparatively cost-effective.

  1. Private hostels/accommodation
    The next option for accommodation for students in Mumbai is a private hotel or accommodation. The greatest advantage of private accommodation is that you can consider sharing the space with one or more of your fellow students. It will split-up the rent and stay cost-effective. You may search for potential options online on student groups or social media platform pages. Compare the rent and facilities provided when selecting the option.
  1. Living as Paying Guest
    Paying Guests is a cheaper option than a private hostel. But living with the owner of the house or flat’s host may not be a convenient option if you prefer privacy. This option allows the students to rent a room in a flat or a house. Paying Guests may be required to adjust with other paying guests and compromise with their privacy. 
  1. Student Hostels or Resort
    If you are looking for temporary accommodation in Mumbai, you can look for student hostels or resorts. They are the cheapest options for a budgeted stay in the city. However, the demerit of this accommodation is that they are let out to students for a limited period. It can prove out to be costlier in the long run. So it’s better to find a student hostel in Mumbai like Draupadidevi Sanwarmal Women’s Hostel or a rental apartment.

Final Word
So this was all about top-budgeted accommodation options for students in Mumbai. To achieve your goal of finding the right accommodation option, individuals should keep the basic factors in minds such as monthly expense, the distance between your room and university, size of the room, facilities provided, security, proximity to market, and other venues. 

Don’t forget to visit the website of the accommodation service providers. It will help you find the right options and alleviate the possibilities of complications that may crop up otherwise if you are ignorant of the services provided by the accommodation service provider.

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