A Solution To The Problem Of At-Home Catering

For many people, when it comes to food, there are two basic choices – eating at home or going out to eat someplace else. Both sides have their proponents and opponents, with some eating exclusively at their own place and others trying new places almost every day of the week. There is no arguing that both options also have advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other – waiting to be seated, staying in the same room for too long, no choice of neighbors, home-made food, food that you would not be able to cook yourself, opportunity to meet new people and so on and so forth. While the centuries old battle continues, why don’t we look at another option that is now made available, which takes all the positives from both options and none of the negatives – at home catering.

What is at home catering?

Imagine being in the comfort of your home, in full control over who shares the meal with you, the music, the lighting, the entertainment, the temperature – all those positive sides of eating at home. Subtract washing the dishes, spending a long time in the kitchen, preparing the menu and the other less positive aspects. Now add all the great things you like about dining out – new and perfectly cooked food, courteous service, the feeling of having discovered something unique, and take none of the negatives from the restaurant option. What remains is at home catering – the wonderful blend of the best of both worlds. If this sounds too good to be true, check out the available options for at home catering where you live – you will quickly find that it is, in fact, reality that is becoming more and more popular for all the right reasons.

There are too many options: how do I choose?

As in any line of business, at home catering attracts both true professionals who offer great service at reasonable prices and simply money hungry individuals who don’t really know what they are doing, as long as it’s profitable. Luckily, there are some aspects to look at that will help you determine whether the people you are researching are genuine masters of their craft or not. First of all, look at the information on their staff. Who are the chefs? Can you see photos, credentials, some background information on their approach to catering? If there are no specifics about the chefs, look further – any trustworthy business would have the chefs front and center, as their qualifications (such as Michelin Stars) are their greatest asset and marketing tool. You should be able to find out who is going to be working with you – and you should have a choice.

What other features does a good caterer have?

When looking for the best at home catering provider in your area, ensure that they are not too pushy with their advertising – a sound establishment with a good track record would not need to do that. Instead, they will have verifiable and diverse customer feedback, testimonials, awards, recognitions all represented in their materials. Their services should be diverse, so that they can accommodate your specific situation, be it a business lunch or a private event. Not just a list, but an entire portfolio of professionally photographed menu items of different types and cuisines should be available for you to take a look at before you make your order. A free quote feature is another sign of dedication to top level customer satisfaction.

Why is at home catering becoming so popular?

This is a great alternative for both of the options we discussed earlier. The opportunity to entertain your guests in the comfort of your home and focus on the communication and building relationships instead of cooking and serving the food is like a gift that more and more busy people eagerly decide on for themselves. An at home catering reservation is usually made a few weeks in advance (be aware that a non-refundable deposit is often required and the order needs to be paid for in full at least a week in advance), which means that while planning a romantic evening, family party, business get-together and any other event involving food, you can stop worrying about at least the food long in advance, putting your trust into true professionals in the field. Wonderful memorable experiences are to be had if you are diligent about your research and find the at home catering option that meets your requirements in every possible way. And then: Bon appétit!
This article was written by Greg. S. Alberto, a professional chef expert in catering to the various tastes of the guests.
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